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Friday, August 30, 2013

Sunday Morning's Programming 9/1/13

SUNDAY, September 1, 2013


Topic:   Crisis Syria
Guest:  Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY), House Foreign Affairs Committee
Guest:  Rep. Scott Rigell (R-VA), House Armed Services Committee
Guest:  Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT), Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Topic:   Crisis in Syria
Guest:  Gen. Anthony Zinni (Ret.), former CENTCOM Commander in Chief
Guest:  Jeremy Bash, former chief of staff to Secretary Leon Panetta
Guest:  Robin Wright, author; Middle East analyst, Woodrow Wilson Center and U.S. Institute of Peace

Topic:   Politics
Guest:  Donna Brazile, CNN political commentator
Guest:  Cornell Belcher, CNN political commentator
Guest:  David Frum, CNN political commentator
Guest:  Ross Douthat, CNN political commentator; New York Times columnist

Guest anchor:  Gloria Borger, CNN chief political analyst

FAREED ZAKARIA GPS – Airs LIVE 10:00AM – 11:00AM and 1:00PM – 2:00PM     

Topics:    What should the U.S. do about Syria?  How would he grade President Obama’s foreign policy?  
Guest:     Zbigniew Brzezinski, PhD, former National Security Advisor (Carter Administration); counselor and trustee, Center for Strategic & International Studies
Guest:     Richard Haass, PhD, president, Council on Foreign Relations, former Director of Policy Planning for the U.S. State Department of State (George W. Bush Administration)

Topics:    Syria: Is military intervention imminent?  What’s the endgame?
Guest:     Fawaz Gerges, Professor of Middle Eastern Politics and International Relations, London School of Economics and Political Science. 
Guest:     Soli Özel professor of international relations and political science, Istanbul Kadir Has University; columnist for Haberturk

Topic:      Why there are so few great original films headed towards theaters
Guest:     Lynda Obst, film producer, author of Sleepless in Hollywood (2013)

Topic:      Why 3-D printing is just the beginning of a new technological revolution
Guest:     Neil Gershenfeld, PhD, Director, Center for Bits and Atoms Program, MIT

Anchor:   Fareed Zakaria


Topic:   Coverage of Possible Military Action in Syria
Guest:  Frederik Pleitgen, CNN correspondent
Guest:  Sam Dagher, Middle East correspondent, The Wall Street Journal

Topic:   Media Coverage of Syria
Guest:  Michael Calderone, senior media reporter, The Huffington Post
Guest:  Matt Lewis, senior contributor, The Daily Caller
Guest:  Laura Rozen, foreign policy reporter, Al Monitor

Topic:   NSA Leak Investigation; Impact of the Revelations
Guest:  Glenn Greenwald, The Guardian

Topic:   Miley Cyrus Owns the News Cycle – and Twitter
Guest:  Whitney Jefferson, celebrity editor, BuzzFeed

Plus: Stelter’s look at the highs and lows of the week in media, including O’Reilly’s on-air apology, hacking at The New York Times, the return of Brian Williams, Robin Roberts, and Jon Stewart.

Guest host:  Brian Stelter, The New York Times

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

CNN Growth Continues


CNN Has Ratings Gains Across the Board in August while FXNC and MSNBC Shed Viewers Throughout All Dayparts

New Day” is Up +36% in Total Viewers and +18% in 25-54 Ratings vs. CNN Programming a Year Ago;
AC 360 Ranks Second On Cable News at 8pm

MSNBC’s Flagship Program “The Rachel Maddow Show” Loses 47% of its Audience; FXNC Has Lowest Ratings in a Decade

CNN continued to post the most growth in cable news this month – increasing its audience in all key dayparts -- while FXNC and MSNBC had major ratings declines throughout all of its dayparts during the month of August compared to a year ago:

CNN – up +13% in demo 25-54 rating (108k vs. 96k) / up +7% in total viewers (347k vs. 325k)
MSNBC – down -32% in demo rating (120k vs. 176k) / down -28% total viewers (349k vs. 487k)
FXNC – down -24% in demo rating (193k vs. 254k) / down -10% in total viewers (968k vs. 1.079m)

CNN – up +7% in demo 25-54 rating (133k vs. 124k) / up +10% in total viewers (468k vs. 426k)
MSNBC – down -44% in demo rating (155k vs. 278k) / down -43% in total viewers (554k vs. 978k)
FXNC – down -24% in demo rating (305k vs. 402k) / down -16% in total viewers (1.796m vs. 2.127m)

CNN – up +9% in demo 25-54 rating (135k vs. 124k) / up +6% in total viewers (454k vs. 427k)
MSNBC - down -32% in demo rating (178k vs. 262k) / down -36% in total viewers (528k vs. 819k)
FXNC – down -24% in demo rating (255k vs. 337k) / down -15% in total viewers (1.552m vs. 1.828m)

CNN – up +12% in demo 25-54 rating (110k vs. 98k) / up +2% in total viewers (397k vs. 389k)
MSNBC – down -42% in demo rating (87k vs. 150k) / down -32% in total viewers (312k vs. 461k)
FXNC – down -25% in demo rating (185k vs. 246k) / down -12% in total viewers (1.006m vs. 1.149m)

CNN’s newest program “New Day” saw substantial ratings gains compared to CNN programming a year ago and is the only morning cable news program to increase its audience growing +18% in the key demo rating (97k vs. 82k) and +36% in total viewers (277k vs. 204k).  MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” was down -17% among 25-54 (125k vs. 150k) and decreased -9% in total viewers.  FXNC’s “Fox and Friends” also lost viewers this August, decreasing -23% in the key demo rating and was down -3% in total viewers.

MSNBC experienced major ratings declines in August losing almost one half of its M-F primetime audience, while registering its lowest total viewer delivery since December 2007, and its lowest among P25-54 since August 2006.  MSNBC, fueled this month by the strong performance of the network’s doc series “MSNBC Investigates” (Lock Up) and “MSNBC Specials” (Caught on Camera) also posted its lowest M-Su prime delivery among total viewers since December 2007. 

This month, FXNC has posted some of its lowest ratings in over a decade, registering its lowest delivery in total day and M-F/M-Su primetime since August 2001 in the key demo 25-54 rating.  FXNC also saw its lowest primetime delivery since July 2008 in total viewers.

Other CNN August highlights include:

“Erin Burnett Outfront” at 7pm posted double-digit growth this month increasing +14% from a year ago in the key demo (124k vs. 109k). EBO also ranked second this month, tying with “Hardball with Chris Matthews” in the key demo 25-54 rating.  Matthews lost a substantial number of viewers vs. a year ago, dropping -42% among 25-54 (124k vs. 214k) and was down -45% in total viewers (480k vs. 867k), posting its lowest total viewer delivery since December 2007.  “The Fox Report” at 7pm also saw audience declines, losing -34% in the demo 25-54 rating and decreasing -15% in total viewers, posting its lowest total viewers delivery since July 2008.

“AC 360” at 8pm was the #2 show on cable news topping MSNBC’s “All in with Chris Hayes” in both total viewers (515k vs. 483k) and the key demo rating (140k vs. 132k), and was the #1 show on CNN primetime in both P2+ and P25-54. “AC 360” was also the only show at 8pm to grow vs. year-ago, increasing +15% in the demo rating (140k vs. 122k) and +16% in total viewers (515k vs. 445k); while FXNC and MSNBC lost a notable amount of viewership during the time period. Hayes was down -43% in the demo (132k vs. 233k) and lost almost half of its total viewers (483k vs. 924k) compared to a year ago. MSNBC posted its lowest 8pm delivery since September 2006 in total viewers and since August 2005 in the key demo rating.   “O’Reilly” lost one quarter (-25%) of its audience in the demo and was down -10% in total viewers.  August represents “O’Reilly’s” lowest delivery since July 2008 in total viewers and lowest since May 2006 among 25-54 demo rating.

“Piers Morgan Live” saw a slight increase in total viewers (465k vs. 460k) vs. a year ago.  “The Rachel Maddow Show” shed a substantial number of total viewers – dropping -43% (634k vs. 1.109m) and registering its lowest 9pm performance since August 2008 in total viewers and lowest since December 2007 in the key demo 25-54.  “Hannity” was also down this month, losing -21% of its total viewer audience (1.611m vs. 2.040m), resulting in the program’s lowest delivery since December 2007 and lowest demo delivery since August 2001. 

Anderson Cooper at 10 pm was up +10% in the demo rating (145k vs. 132k) and +12% in total viewers (423k vs. 379k) compared to a year ago. FXNC and MSNBC also shed viewers during this time period, with “The Last Word” down -44% in P25-54 rating (160k vs. 288k) and down -41% in total viewers (603k vs. 1.018m). “On the Record” was down -15% among demo 25-54 and down -18% among total viewers.

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Your Views on the News 8/26/13

We haven't tried one of these in a while.  Let see what's on your mind. 

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Multiplatform Coverage for 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington

CNN Announces Multiplatform for 50th Anniversaryof the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom
Special Programming Begins Friday, August 23 with New Oral History Documentary
CNN today announced a multiplatform programming effort for the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.  Dynamic enterprise programming will begin on Friday, Aug. 23, and include a new documentary of rare oral histories of the March, opinion editorials authored by key figures in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s on the legacy of the event, and curated photo galleries that will supplement the network’s coverage of the live commemorative activities in the nation’s capital.  The network will also carry coverage of President Barack Obama’s remarks from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, on Wednesday, Aug. 28.
“The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom was an extraordinary event of immeasurable impact upon the nation – and the world,” said Jeff Zucker, president of CNN Worldwide.  “CNN is uniquely positioned to offer multidimensional, enterprise coverage that is both reflective and forward-looking to mark this once-in-a-lifetime anniversary,” he said.
For, civil rights pioneer John D. Due, Jr. has written a moving, first-person recollection of the events leading up to the 1963 March and LZ Granderson has penned an homage to the essential leadership efforts of the March organizer, Bayard Rustin, who as a gay man faced discrimination from both opponents and proponents of civil rights.  Photographer Leonard Freed’s iconic images of the event have been curated into a digital visual essay of the March on Washington.  Excerpted video reports and highlights of the original event, and curated iReport submissions from users that explore the current state of everyday racism in America will also be hosted on  A special profile of the daughter of the late civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Bernice King, will be available online beginning Saturday, Aug. 24.
Also on Saturday, Aug. 24, the original “Big Six” civil rights organizations which led the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom will gather in Washington, DC, for special events, many of which will be covered on CNN/U.S.  This coverage will include highlights of the “Redeem the Dream Summit” of the National Urban League, including remarks on the modern civil rights agenda by Marc Morial, president of the National Urban League, U.S. Representative John Lewis (D-GA), and others.  CNN correspondent Chris Lawrence will report live from the events on Saturday.
Between Saturday, Aug. 24 and Wednesday, Aug. 28, CNN/U.S. will explore the meaning of the March with exclusive interviews with key civil rights leaders including, Rep. Lewis; Rev. Joseph Lowery; U.S. Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC); former U.S. Ambassador Andrew Young; Martin Luther King, III; and more.  
CNN will observe the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the March on Wednesday, Aug. 28 with a rare re-broadcast of the remarks by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. known as the “I Have a Dream” speech.  The address from five decades ago will air in its entirety.  The day’s coverage will be hosted by CNN anchor Don Lemon, with live reporting from correspondents Joe Johns and Athena Jones in the crowds gathered on the National Mall to participate in the events, and commentary from CNN Crossfire host, Van Jones and contributions from CNN’s Donna Brazile.
The network’s comprehensive anniversary coverage will begin with CNN’s new, original documentary, We Were There: The March on Washington – An Oral History, hosted by CNN’s Don Lemon on Friday, August 23 at 10:00p.m. and 1:00a.m.  All times Eastern.  We Were There features unique stories from witnesses to the March and people who played vital behind-the-scenes roles organizing the event, on how the extraordinary multicultural event came to be – and its legacy to the progress of American civil rights.  We Were There: The March on Washington – An Oral History will also encore on CNN/U.S. on Sunday, August 25 at 8:00p.m., 11:00p.m., and 2:00a.m.  All times Eastern.  
On Thursday, Sept. 12, a special CNN Dialogues live event, “Modern Marchers: Lessons From The Front Lines of Social Change,” will be held at the Cecil B. Day Chapel of The Carter Center in Atlanta, GA, from 7:00p.m. to 8:30p.m.  The event is in partnership with the National Center for Civil and Human Rights and the Emory University James Weldon Johnson Institute for the Study of Race and Difference and will be moderated by New Day morning show news anchor, Michaela Pereira.  Panelists for the event, including Michael Skolnik, political director for Russell Simmons and president of, and Minh Dang, executive director of Don’t Sell Bodies and a 2013 White House “Champion of Change” will explore current social activism and the agenda and actions needed to improve civil rights for now and beyond.

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Sunday Morning Programming 8/25/13

SUNDAY, August 25, 2013


Topics:   Egypt; 2016; Obamacare
Guest:    Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)

Topics:   March on Washington Anniversary
Guest:    Rep. John Lewis (R-GA)

Topics:   Obamacare; Politics
Guest:    Former Gov. Howard Dean (D-VT), former DNC chairman
Guest:    Former Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC), president, The Heritage Foundation

Topics:   Politics
Guest:    Cornell Belcher, CNN political commentator
Guest:    Ross Douthat, CNN political commentator
Guest:    Carly Fiorina, chairman, Good360
Guest:    Neera Tanden, president & CEO, Center for American Progress

Anchor:  Candy Crowley

FAREED ZAKARIA GPS – Airs Sunday 10:00AM – 11:00AM and 1:00PM – 2:00PM

Topic:     Entrepreneurial lessons from an innovator: insights into making it in America
Guest:    Sara Blakely, CEO, Spanx

Topic:     The future of cities – what does the urbanization of the world mean for its occupants?
Guest:     Jennifer Bradley, fellow, Brookings Institution; author (The Metropolitan Revolution: How Cities and Metros Are Fixing Our Broken Politics and Fragile Economy, 2013)
Guest:     Leigh Gallagher, assistant managing editor, Fortune magazine
Guest:     Bruce Katz, vice president, Brookings Institution; author (The Metropolitan Revolution: How Cities and Metros Are Fixing Our Broken Politics and Fragile Economy, 2013)
Guest:     Joel Kotkin, politics and economics columnist,

Anchor:   Fareed Zakaria


Topics:  50th Anniversary of the March on Washington; Civil Rights Coverage and Legacy
Guest:   Dan Rather, former CBS News anchor
Guest:   Joseph Torres, senior director, Free Press; co-author, “News for All the People: The Epic Story of Race and the American Media”
Guest:   Paul Delaney, founding member, NABJ

Topic:    How Media Cover Race Issues in America
Guest:   Don Lemon, anchor, CNN
Guest:   Brian Beutler, political writer, Salon; author, “What I Learned from Getting Shot”
Guest:   Charles Blow, CNN political commentator; columnist, The New York Times
Topic:    Al Jazeera’s First Week On-Air
Guest:   David Zurawik, TV and media critic, The Baltimore Sun
Guest:   Mohammed el-Nawawy, author “Al Jazeera: The Story of the Network that is Rattling Governments and Redefining Modern Journalism”

Topic:    ESPN Pulls Out of Project Investigating Head Injuries in the NFL
Guest:   Kelly McBride, Poynter Institute

Topic:    Hit Film “The Butler” Inspired By Haygood’s Reporting
Guest:   Wil Haygood, The Washington Post

Guest host:  Eric Deggans, TV/media critic, Tampa Bay Times

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tonight on AC360: Anderson Interviews School Clerk Antoinette Tuff

Tonight on AC360°, school clerk Antoinette Tuff and DeKalb County emergency operator Kendra McCray will meet for the first time. Huff is credited with convincing Atlanta school shooter Michael Brandon Hill to surrender himself to police after he entered Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy armed with weapons . McCray was the 911 operator who stayed on the line with Huff during the dramatic standoff and helped relay Hill’s decisions to the police.

Their exclusive interview will air tonight on Anderson Cooper 360° at 8pm ET on CNN.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Season 2


One-Hour ABPU: Prime Cuts Season One Special Featuring Notable Moments and a Preview of Season 2 Airs Sept. 15 at 8pm ET 

CNN’s popular original series Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown, which has been nominated for four Primetime Emmys in the 2013 competition, launches its second season on Sunday, September 15 at 9pm ET. The season premiere episode “Jerusalem” features tours of Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, marking the first time the host has filmed in these locations.

Leading into the season premiere, at 8pm ET, will be ABPU: Prime Cuts Season One, a retrospective special featuring notable moments, reminiscences, and a preview of season two.

The new season of the weekend lifestyle series, which airs Sundays at 9pm ET on CNN and CNN International, also takes Bourdain and his crew into “parts unknown” within Spain, New Mexico, Copenhagen, Sicily, Detroit, Tokyo and South Africa.  

Below are descriptions of Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown season two episodes (airdates, unless indicated, are TBA):

·       “Jerusalem”(Sept 15) – In the season premiere of Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown, the host and crew make their first trip to Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. While the political situation is often tense between the people living in these areas, Bourdain concentrates on their rich history, food and culture, and spends time with local chefs, home cooks, writers and amateur foodies.

·       “Spain” (Sept. 22) - Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown explores Andalucía during Semana Santa (Holy Week, leading up to Easter), a time filled with great pageantry and excitement. Featured in this episode is Bourdain’s longtime Director of Photography Zach Zamboni, who lives part-time in Granada and shows the host sights off the beaten path.

·       “New Mexico” (Sept. 29)- Parts Unknown takes a close look at the mash-up of cultures that comprise this uniquely American state by sampling its food - a combination of Spanish, Mediterranean, Mexican, Pueblo and even chuck-wagon influences. New Mexico is also a land of drugs, guns, monster vehicles, and possibly extraterrestrials. It may also be the perfect place to investigate the underside of the Western cowboy ideal.

·       “Copenhagen” Denmark (airdate TBA) - This episode explores the food and natural beauty of Copenhagen, the economic and cultural center of Denmark. Home to famed chef Rene Redzepi and his brainchild Noma - regarded by critics as one of the world’s best restaurants - Parts Unknown delves into the city’s cuisine and the new Nordic creativity that infuses Redzepi’s work at Noma. 

·       Sicily (airdate TBA) – Parts Unknown explores the Sicilian way of life, which puts a premium on savoring family, life, and food.  Bourdain travels in search of those foods as he eats his way around the island.  He makes his home base at the Villa Monaci, on the outskirts of Catania with his enthusiastic, fast-talking sidekicks who counter the otherwise relaxed tempo and epic “food porn” of this episode.

·       Detroit (airdate TBA) - Few cities have experienced such a dramatic economic rise and fall of Detroit. In this episode of Parts Unknown, Bourdain explores the past, present and future of the Motor City. He steps into the lives of Detroit natives and sees the glory days of the past at the famed Packard Plant, the current state of the city’s urban decay, and the promise of the future in the citizens who are rebuilding their communities. 

·       Tokyo (airdate TBA) - Japan is a paradox.  The low birthrate, the dedication, the conformity, and the life of a salary man are well known. There is also a competitive and rigid culture that gives way to some unique subcultures.  Bourdain has traveled to Tokyo countless times, but on this trip he is in search of the city’s dark, extreme, and bizarrely fetishistic underside. 
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Glen Greenwald & David Miranda on AC360 Tonight

Tonight on Anderson Cooper 360°, an exclusive interview with Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald and his partner David Miranda. Miranda was held for nearly nine hours at Heathrow Airport this weekend on his way home to Brazil. Authorities seized his laptop, phone, USB sticks and other materials.

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CNN Correspondent Changes

CNN Names Jessica Yellin Chief Domestic Affairs Correspondent; Promotes Brianna Keilar and Jim Acosta to Sr. White House Correspondents;
Names Rene Marsh to Correspondent
CNN Washington bureau chief and senior vice president Sam Feist announced today that the network is promoting several of its Washington-based correspondents beginning next month. The changes come while the network continues to enhance newsgathering capabilities and on the heels of launching several new programs including The Lead with Jake TapperNew Day, and announcing the re-launch of Crossfire.
“With these changes, CNN’s Washington team of correspondents will be even better positioned to deliver on our core missions of breaking news and enterprise reporting,” said Feist. “As CNN continues to grow its newsgathering capabilities, we are thrilled to have such an outstanding group of correspondents to move into these key roles.”

            The changes include:
  •  Jessica Yellin, who has distinguished herself with exceptional coverage of the Obama administration and the 2008 presidential campaign, will become chief domestic affairs correspondent. In this new assignment, she will report on a wide range of political stories providing analysis and coverage of domestic affairs across the network’s programming and digital platforms. Yellin will also serve as a substitute anchor in various positions for the network. During her time as chief White House correspondent she reported a 90-minute documentary with exclusive interviews of President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton, Mrs. Obama, and others during the president’s re-election campaign. As a member of the 2008 Peabody Award-winning campaign team, Yellin’s reporting was prominent throughout the election year as she traveled throughout the key primary and battleground states.
  •  Brianna Keilar, who has provided strong, comprehensive coverage of the Obama Administration, has been named Sr. White House correspondent. She has been reporting extensively on President Obama and his administration from the nation’s capital and from around the world since 2008. Previously, Keilar served as congressional correspondent, responsible for reporting on both the U.S. House and Senate. In that role, she was honored with the National Press Foundation’s Everett McKinley Dirksen Award for Distinguished Reporting of Congress for her fall 2008 coverage of the $700 billion bank bailout. Prior to covering Congress, Keilar served as general assignment correspondent for the network, reporting on a wide range of stories, including the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre, where she was the first CNN correspondent on the ground. Keilar will continue to serve as a substitute anchor for programs across the network.
  • Jim Acosta, who emerged as one of the key reporters on the campaign trail in 2008 and 2012, has been promoted to Sr. White House correspondent. During his six-and-half years with the network, Acosta worked his way up to national political correspondent and served as the network’s lead reporter on the 2012 Romney presidential campaign. In addition to breaking significant stories during the election season, Acosta also covered important stories on policy and culture for the network and its digital platforms. In 2009, when the administration lifted some restrictions on American travel to Cuba, Acosta reported from Havana, Cuba, on the effects of the policy change and on the post-Cold War relationship of the U.S. and Cuba. During his new role as Sr. White House correspondent, Acosta will continue to serve as a substitute anchor for the network.
  • Rene Marsh, who has been reporting for CNN Newsource since early 2012, has been named CNN’s new aviation and government regulation correspondent. In her new role, Marsh will focus on all matters related to aviation and transportation—from safety and security to passenger issues, as well as examining how government impacts the lives of all Americans. Marsh comes from CNN Newsource, where she reported for the network as a national correspondent serving more than 800 affiliates. During her time with CNN Newsource, Marsh covered the 2012 presidential election campaign including live coverage from the National Republican Convention in Tampa, Fla. Marsh has traveled throughout the country and covered many breaking news stories including Hurricane Sandy and the Oklahoma tornadoes.

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