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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


In case you've missed it the AC360 Blog has been updated numerous times the past few days. I've really enjoyed the different view points given by the reports, producers and more. If you haven't read it recently, go check it out HERE.

Also, according to Anderson Cooper has finally returned from Afghanistan and will be live in Virginia tonight with continuing coverage of the VA TECH shooting.


Grace said...

The AC360 blog has been really fantastic. It's so personal and not the least sterile as other news blogs. I really think that it's a way for all those reporting down there to come to terms with what they are seeing and hearing.

sydney said...

I've never seen so much action on the blog. I've been surprise with each visit over the last couple of days. I like hearing the different perspective.

You're right, Grace, I like the personal tone of the posts. You can tell that everyone is really affected by what they're covering. I feel almost like I'm getting a first hand account from a friend.

bjp said...

Hillary has been fighting dirty since the beginning. Is there not anything she will not do? Now she has lied. If she had been Obama and he had lied, this would be televised on the moon until 3008. And What about Carville - how dare he question the independent thoughts of Richardson. The one good thing is that some folks have the right to make their own choices and some of us are not 'suppose' to without permission. Priceless!