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Thursday, April 19, 2007

A request to AC360 (cross post from ATA)

Tonight I thought I’d discuss something that's been bothering me all day. I don't know about you but I just cannot stand to look at these pictures and videos of the Virginia Tech killer any longer. These clips are just too upsetting to watch. Every channel you go to is showing them around the clock and I'd like it to stop.

Last night, Anderson interviewed former FBI Profiler, Gregg McCray about the videos and pictures. Here is a portion of their discussion from the 360 transcripts:

MCCRAY: I would like to make a point about this, because there's a problem. And I'm concerned about the copycat factor. What we know is in the wake of every one of these nationally covered stories -- and this has been just, as you know, wall-to-wall coverage -- there are other events that occur within the next few weeks. They occur in clusters. The sort of homicide clusters that are there. My concern is by repeatedly playing these videos and showing these photos over and over again, we're energizing some other killer out there, somebody who is on the edge, who is on the verge, and sees this as a way to go.

Just as this guy identified with the Columbine shooters, somebody's going to identify with this guy. And I think it's -- the responsible thing to do is to back off on showing these videos and these pictures. You can certainly report the story and that needs to be done, but I think the danger here is that we're energizing some other killer and that we may have some other events that follow in the wake of this.

COOPER: Well, Kris, Gregg raises an excellent point and one that we've debated a lot here.

I’d like to thank Anderson Cooper for addressing this issue. It’s refreshing to hear that 360 actually debated whether or not to show these tapes. I’m so glad that Anderson and his team don’t just throw these horrible images up on screen just because everyone else is doing the so. I’m glad they debate the impact that these images have on viewers.

I understand that news outlets had to show these tapes last night after NBC released the tapes and pictures. That unfortunately is the way of the media. In my opinion, NBC should not have released these tapes so soon after the tragedy. Why did they release them at all? (The same argument was made about CNN releasing the bomber video a couple of months ago.) Is it necessary for the public to know this? And what does this say about our society?

But what’s done is done. NBC put this stuff out there and now the families of the victims and the survivors of this horrific tragedy are forced to see this demon rise up from the grave to taunt them. These videos and pictures remove the focus from the victims and families back onto the killer.

If anyone from CNN or AC360 were to read this post, I’d like them to know my feelings on this subject. I wish that all of the networks would stop showing these images. They are truly disturbing to see once. But to see them over and over again is just overkill. By now, everyone and their brother has seen them. Let’s have some compassion for the families and friends of the victims. Let’s show some compassion for the students and faculty that had to endure this senseless act of terror.

So let me ask you a question, if CNN and AC360 asked you your opinion about showing the Cho tapes and pictures, how would you respond?

Now, to put the focus back where it belongs, I’d like to tell you about a wonderful page on that I stumbled upon. It seems as though family and friends have been creating iReport memorials for their loved ones. CNN has created a page for you to view these wonderful videos of the fallen students and faculty members. Please take the time to visit the webpage and put the focus back where it belongs.

Thank you all for listening and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this important issue. Have a wonderful evening. ~ Sheryn

1 comment:

JRHot said...

I agree....take them off the TV. That one picture of him aiming the gun right at the camera scares me......I can't imagine what the families thought when they saw it. We don't need to see every picture he took or hear every word.