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Friday, May 11, 2007

Another Laugh!

I'm not sure if anyone has noticed the CNN clips down at the very bottom of the page but they rotate and I just found this one. It's great! Way to go Miles.


Phebe said...

Maybe JR replaced Miles on AM because he's doesn't hook his drives? That's a great clip, thanks PT.

BookAsylum said...

Oh my- poor Miles. Guess you really shouldn't tee off in the middle of a NY studio. Thanks for the clip!

anne carter said...

Loved the clip of Miles teeing off,though certainly not the best place to do it with so much glass
around.I miss Miles not being on the air-wonder if he could sit in for Anderson any time John King is not

Purple Tie said...

I agree. I would love to see Miles sit in for Anderson when he's away! That's a great idea.