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Sunday, May 13, 2007

John King to speak in Las Vegas

Thanks to Book Asylum for the submission.

Broadcast Cable Financial Management Association's 2007 Annual Conference will feature CNN's John King and political consultant Alex Castellanos

John King, chief national correspondent for CNN and a 22-year veteran of national political news, and Alex Castellanos one of the Republican Party's new generation of TV advertising consultants, will provide their perspectives on the 2008 national elections at the annual conference of the Broadcast Cable Financial Management Association (BCFM) and its Broadcast Cable Credit Association (BCCA) subsidiary.

King and Castellanos' presentations are scheduled for Wednesday, May 23, at " Learn More…Win Big," the 47th Annual BCFM/BCCA Conference, which is being held May 22-24 at The Rio All Suite Hotel in Las Vegas.

"With 2008 national election campaign spending expected to exceed $3 billion, our members are very interested in hearing from these two veterans of the national political scene," said Mary M. Collins, president and CEO of BCFM/BCCA. "In addition to getting this wide-screen perspective from both the news and advertising angles, conference attendees will gain a better understanding of the potential impact of earlier primaries in several states and the role that new media, such as social networking, is expected to play in 2008 races."

John King has covered the last four presidential election campaigns. He was chief political correspondent for the Associated Press for the 1992 and 1996 elections, served as CNN's lead reporter covering Vice President Al Gore's campaign in the fall of 2000 and played the lead role in covering the 2004 election for CNN.

Alex Castellanos, a principal member of National Media Inc., a political advertising consulting firm, has served as media consultant to six U.S. presidential campaigns, including Bush-Cheney 2004. Castellanos was recently retained to run the 2008 presidential ad campaign for Republican candidate Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts. In addition to his role in successful presidential campaigns, he has helped to elect eight U.S. senators and six governors. A native of Havana, Castellanos' family fled Cuba in 1961.

1 comment:

cactuskid said...

This was interesting. My step-sister just got back from a convention in Las Vegas this past week and stayed at The Rio. She said it was nice, but not on the main strip and when you hired transportation it was $20 every time for a tip. Don't know why she didn't rent.