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Friday, May 4, 2007

Larry King 50 years of Pop Culture

I watched Larry King's 5o years of Pop Culture special last night on CNN. Overall, I thought it was interesting and informative about Larry. I'd never really thought about his interview style but it's cool to hear his philosophy on how to interview and how to get the most out of guests. I think he's right when he says non confrontational is the best way to go. As the old saying goes, you get more flies with honey than vinegar. Admittedly, I think he does ask some kinda crazy questions at times but knowing his show is there and being able to watch it, is kind of comforting no matter where you go. As some of the celebs said last night, you can switch on the TV anywhere in the world and he's there reminding you of home.

When I think about the shear number of people he's been able to interview it blows my mind. I'm a curious person too and I always like learning things about people and talking to them. As a friend of mine once said, "You talk so much you should have a talk show!" I took that as a compliment ;) Understanding what makes people tick is fascinating and I do believe Larry is right when he says that asking questions that he really wants to know the answer to is what makes it easy for him to really be interested and engaged in the interview.

Congratulations on 50 years, Larry, and here's to many more!

Thanks to Phebe for the caps!

1 comment:

copperfish.jungle said...

LK's 50 years of Pop Culture special is amazing. It chronicles the broadcasting career of the icon. I think there's not one of an event/news that he haven't covered. Through the years he have mastered the art of interviewing. And why not for someone who have conducted 40,000 interviews and counting. Larry King is indeed a legend.