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Sunday, June 24, 2007

In the Money

In today's post:

In The Money

Today, I wanted to take a look at one of the shows that airs over the weekend. CNN's original programming isn't just Monday through Friday. This week's show: In the Money, which is host by Christine Romans and Ali Velshi. CNN's website describes the show as: There's a lot of money out there. How can you land your stake? "In The Money" breaks down the business news of the week and shows you how it impacts your bottom line.

This week's show covered a variety of business related topics including:

  • With speculation that New York City's mayor, Michael Bloomberg, will run for president as an independent candidate, it raises the question, would a CEO be better than a career politician?
  • A discussion with Richard Florida from George Mason University & Creative Class Group (founder). Florida argues that the more gay friendly a city is, the more prosperity a city will enjoy. The theory is that open minded kids will move to communities that are more open minded and open to diversity. Successful businesses will move to or start up in these same areas.
  • In the What Works segment: Miles O'Brien reports on the carbon footprints of common companies. To view the report cards on the various companies examined, you can go to the Climate Counts website.
  • In View from the Top: Velshi interviews Glen Senk, CEO of Urban Outfitters.
  • A review of the new iPhone and a demonstration of a new service available for G3 phones, video share.
  • In Life After Work: A look at a retired FBI agent who writes fiction and teaches poker players how to read other player's tells.

Saying that this is just a business show doesn't do it justice. As you can see from the variety of topics, its not just about what happened on Wall Street. The show makes a link between the latest news and how that might impact you financially.

In the Money airs 1 p.m. ET Saturday and 3 p.m. ET Sunday.

The In The Money website frequently has links to recent View from the Top and What Works segments. Follow the links to go to the View from the Top and What Works video archives for past segments.

And what was Time Warner's scorecard on the Climate Counts website?

Hmm, not so good.


Larry King Live Scheduling Update
  • Wednesday, June 27's show will now be A TV exclusive: Paris Hilton talks to Larry King in her first interview since her release from jail!
  • Wednesday's show was originally slated to be: Michael Moore takes your calls and e-mails! Watch his first prime-time interview on his controversial new film, "Sicko". No mention on the website when or if Moore will be rescheduled.
  • Thursday, June 28's show will be Former Secretary of State Colin Powell: He's hardly spoken since he stepped down, now a rare sit-down with Powell on America, the world and more.
  • Friday, June 29's show will be Isaiah Washington in his first TV interview since being fired from 'Grey's Anatomy' after using an-anti gay slur. He tells his side of the story. Plus, actor/comedian Robin Williams joins Larry

Larry King Live airs daily at 9:00 p.m. ET.



Congratulations to CNN All Access podcast which celebrated its 1 year anniversary. In CNN All Access podcast, CNN's correspondents, anchors and production staff take you behind the scenes for an unfiltered, behind-the-scenes look at how the news is brought to you.

This weeks podcast took a look back at its first year. CNN All Access podcasts are available for free from iTunes, CNN's website, or here's a direct link to this week's podcast.


Campbell Brown Update

No, there is still no confirmation on whether or not Campbell Brown will be joining CNN when her contract with NBC expires. But, she did make another type of big announcement this morning on the Today Show. Brown and her husband Dan Senor are expecting a baby. Congratulations!

The picture is from a New York Times article of their April 2, 2006 wedding taken by Denis Reggie.


Mystery Journalist
In Friday's post, I asked if you could identify this CNN journalist:

As promised, I have an answer for you tonight.

It's American Morning's John Roberts.

On additional note, if you haven't checked out Roberts' bio page on CNN's website recently, its been updated to reflect his new role anchor role on American Morning.


Sapphire said...

Great post BA!!!!

I caught the first segment of "In the Money" this morning, the one about Mayor Bloomberg. I don't usually get to catch In the Money but looks like a really great show.

Congrats to Campbell Brown on her baby news.....although with this who knows when she will be coming to CNN

Great lineup for Larry King this week.....Beatles, Paris, Isaiah....good shows all around

YEA I was right, it was good ol JR :P I love JR!!!!

BookAsylum said...

@sapphire- thanks!

The other nice thing about In The Money is the interview styles of Ali & Christine. Tag team interviews are a bit challenging, but they make it look easy.

CLARISSA said...

Thanks for the interesting information!

Purple Tie said...

Thanks, BA. Another wonderful post. I like the way you did the bullet points at the top, what a great idea! Also, a great idea to focus on a show that doesn't get a lot of attention. I actually caught a few minutes of it today. Ali is an interesting character and I like. He's got some funky suits but his style is easy going and fun! CNN has a lot of wonderful diversity in their anchors.

copperfish said...

Although Michael Bloomberg has yet to make an announcement, I think his being a CEO is an advantage if he decided to join the race. Though politics in the local government is different than the one in the White House. I just don't know if he can handle that.

I don't know if there's something relevant and sensible in the PH's interview after her release. She's still a "hollow" person to me.

@BA, great post! Are you going to post a mystery journalist every friday? I think it's a good idea!

Phebe said...

Thanks for the heads up on LKL this week. As a huge Grey's fan I'll be watching to see what Washington has to say. In his latest interview he said he wasn't calling Knight the sexual slur...he was talking to McDreamy.

JRHot said...

Great post BA.
I was watching when Campbell announced her pregnancy but I had already guessed it as soon as they showed her in that shirt. Hubby just looked at me and told me I watch way too much news. :)

I guessed the hands also.........I always know those hands.....attached to one hot man!

BookAsylum said...

@clarissa- your welcome

@pt- I've always thought that Ali is one of those people who can put together an outfit that would look ridiculous on someone else, but he makes it work, looks good & fashionable.

@copperfish- thanks. I'll have to see what the picture archive has in it... there might be more mystery journalist's in the future.

It's a bit amusing that after all the controversy over the SWMNBN interview has caused with ABC & NBC that LKL swoops in and ends up with the interview.

@phebe- it's a shame that Washington's careless choice of words have created so many problem for the show- he's a great actor & it's a great show.

sydney said...

So it's not bad enough that Larry has to have Paris on, she bumps Michael Moore? Maybe he'll get mad and make a new documentary about the media's obsession with irrelevant, artificial celebrities LOL!

@jr I did the exact same thing when I saw Campbell yesterday a.m. - the first thing I said was "Is she pregnant?" Then a few minutes later she answered me. I also wondered how that would affect her moving to CNN.

I enjoy "In the Money" when I do see it, I just don't catch it very often.

Anonymous said...

I like In the Money, but does anyone know why Jack Cafferty isn't on there any longer?

BookAsylum said...

@jrhot- thanks!

@Anon 6:29-good question! Wish I had the answer to that one. I noticed that Allen Wastler was MIA this week & I'm hoping that he was just on vacation.