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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Whole Lot Of Headline News!!!!!!

In Today's Post:

  • Love, Marriage, Then Comes Baby Carriage
  • Glenn Beck News
  • Larry King Update

    • Love, Marriage, Then Comes Baby Carriage!!!

      Congratulations to Headline News anchor Nancy Grace who announced that she recently got married and is expecting twins in January 2008. The stork is definitely working overtime at CNN. Nancy married David Linch — an Atlanta investment banker she has known since they attended Mercer College together in the late 1970s back in April of this year. Nancy is 47 years old.
      Congratulations to Nancy and David !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      (Courtesy:New York Times)

      (Courtesy: US Magazine)

      Glenn Beck News

      CNN's Beck to Take Mic At Stadium of Fire

      Glenn Beck, plus 25,000 people at LaVell Edwards Stadium, plus fireworks, equals what promises to be a memorable Fourth of July. The headline act for this year's Stadium of Fire is Brooks and Dunn, who will perform a full 14-song concert. Not to be outdone, however, Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. and his band, "Politically Incorrect," will perform a few songs to open the night.

      Disney will be a theme of the night, with fireworks set to Disney songs. Disney Channel star Corbin Bleu of the Disney films "High School Musical" and "Jump In" will perform, along with a handful of backup dancers. While Bleu may be dancing on stage, the annual performance of the Stadium of Fire Dancers is slated to be the most complex number ever performed at the show. It will feature more dancers than ever -- about 1,000 teenage girls.
      Patriotism will not be lacking either. Much of the fireworks show will be set to patriotic music, and members of each branch of the armed services will be honored as their service hymn is played.
      The whole of the event will be broadcast to troops around the world via the American Forces Network. The celebration will take place July 4 at LaVell Edwards Stadium.
      Tickets can be purchased: online
      By phone at 422-BYU1 or 800-322-BYU1
      or in person at the Marriott Center ticket office on the Brigham Young University campus LaVell Edwards Stadium is on the campus of Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah

      Also in Glenn Beck News – Glenn Beck will be filling in for Paula Zahn on Paula Zahn Now next week doing a series called “We The People”

      Larry King – Updated

      A few days ago BookAsylum posted this week’s Larry King schedule…….well with the crazy week that has gone on the schedule has been revised.

      Tuesday June 26 – Paul, Ringo, Yoko and Olivia: A Year of LOVE!!!!!

      This show was so fantastic. Truly television history and let me tell you how much I enjoyed Paul and Ringo’s interaction. I bet the four guys were a blast to hang out with all those years ago! If I ever get to Vegas I totally want to check this show out. Thank you Phebe for the screencap.

      Wednesday June 27 – Paris Hilton

      The much anticipated first interview with Paris after being released from jail. Thank you again Phebe for the screencap.

      I was interested to hear what Paris had to say for herself and if she actually does what she told Larry she would do then hopefully Paris truly has grown from this experience.

      Thursday June 28 – Colin Powell

      Former Secretary of State Colin Powell: He's hardly spoken since he stepped down, now a rare sit-down with Powell on America, the world and more.

      Friday June 29 – A Larry King Marathon:

      Looks like we are having a Larry King mini marthon Friday night
      The Beatles at 8:00PM
      Michael Moore takes your calls and e-mails! Watch his first prime-time interview on his controversial new film, "Sicko" at 9:00PM

      Monday July 2 – Isaiah Washington

      Isaiah Washington in his first TV interview since being fired from 'Grey's Anatomy' after using an-anti gay slur. He tells his side of the story.

      Tuesday July 3 – Robin Williams

      Actor/comedian Robin Williams joins Larry.

      Also in Larry King Live News, Larry King Live will be added to the Headline News lineup airing daily at 11:00 AM. The start date has yet to be determined. Check your local listings


      Purple Tie said...

      Thanks for the headlines on the Headline news crew! Great post.

      I'm glad the interview with Paris is over and one with. I'm hoping we've seen the last of her on CNN for awhile.

      I enjoyed the LKL interview with the Beatles a lot! I always wonder just how different music and the world today would be if he we didn't loose John Lennon.

      copperfish said...

      I've seen the interview with the 2 remaining Beatles member, and I would say that their music had made a great impact. I think of all the music legends, the Beatles are the most influential. I didn't recognized Yoko Ono, a lot have changed in her physical looks.

      BookAsylum said...

      Great post, Sapphire!

      I saw some of the Beatles interview & really enjoyed it. Their music has had such lasting impact. I just might have to try to get tickets to the Vegas show the next time that I'm there.

      Sapphire said...

      after the Beatle interview I wanted to upload Beatle songs into my iPod......I am one of the fans that Paul and Ringo were talking about.....the young kids who love their music, in my case thanks to my dad....I had to call him Tuesday night to let him know they were on LK

      Sheryn said...

      Oh man, Ursula is procreating? What is the world coming to?

      I'm sorry, I truly dislike Ms. Grace. I only hope they are right and motherhood mellows her. But that didn't work for me! LOL!

      Sapphire said...

      I have to totally agree with you on this one Sheryn.....but she looks happy in the photos