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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

World Refugee Day…and Some Good News Too!!!!

Today is World Refugee Day and CNN has been covering the story from all the angles.

First a little history on World Refugee Day. According to Wikipedia World Refugee Day, held on June 20, celebrates the lives and contributions of refugees everywhere. Established in 2000 by the United Nations General Assembly, World Refugee Day was first celebrated in 2001. The date of June 20 was chosen to coincide with Africa Refugee Day. Each year, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) selects a theme and coordinates events across the globe. This year’s official globe theme 'Help them learn. Help them play'.

Today it is estimated there is a total 20.8 million refugees as well as the numerous Internally Displaced Persons with a surge of 14%. Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s) are forced to leave their homes because of persecution, but unlike refugees, they often seek sanctuary in more secure parts of their own countries. They, too, are vulnerable to extreme poverty and brutal suppression, but because they have not crossed an international frontier, they are often beyond the reach of international humanitarian assistance. For more information on IDP’s

CNN’s coverage started today on American Morning with several reporters in different locations reporting on the situation around the world. Sanjay Gupta in Washington D.C discussing the Sudan/Darfur refugees. Christiane Amanpour in Jordan. Hala Gorani in Iraq and Kiran Chetry in Washington D.C. talking with First Lady Laura Bush in regards to refugees in Burma and Africa

Christian Amanpour had a special which aired today at noon called World Refugee Day: Passage to Hope. (I unfortunately did not find this out until 5PM this afternoon, hopefully they will re-air the special at some point in time)

Wolf Blitzer had UNICEF Ambassador Lucy Liu on The Situation Room. Some startling facts were brought up during the interview.

Danger in Congo
3.8 millions killed in 1998-2003 civil war
1,200 people still die each day
Half the deaths are children
Since January, 50,000 people are displaced each month
Top Five (5) Refugee Countries
Iraq/Afghanistan – 4.3 Million (combination of the two countries)
Sudan – 680,000
Somalia – 460,00
Congo – 400,000
Top Three (3) Safe Havens Across the Globe
Pakistan – 1,000,000
Iran – 970,000
US – 840,000


Paula Zahn Now did stories on Refugee Sex Slaves in Afghanistan, Culture Shock for Iraqis in Sweden and an Iraqi woman who is facing deportation from the Unites States. The lingering problems refugees still face (disease, etc.)

And of course on Anderson Cooper 360, Anderson had his one-on-one interview with actress and Goodwill Ambassador of the UN Refugee Agency, Angelina Jolie. Anderson also blogged about tonight’s show.

If you would like to Donate or get more information on World Refugee Day, you can click on the following links
UNICEF and the new Impact site on

(Source: Sheryn)

And as promised after all this depressing news on the plight of the world’s refugees, I have some good news to report. According to Inside Cable News, Prime News with Erica Hill will be expanding to two hours starting Monday June 25th. It will run from 5-7 pm ET. Personally I am very excited about this because I can’t get enough of our crazy Ms. Hill!!!!!!!!


Purple Tie said...

Great post, Sapphire! What an important day and I'm so happy that CNN paid some much attention to it through out the day. I have to ask... what other network would do this? Great job CNN.

Sapphire said...

not that I watch any other networks but I doubt any of them would put this much effort into it. They might briefly mention it but that's about it.

Glad you liked the post PT and your right it is an important day. Between CNN and my own research I have learned alot today and knowledge is power!!!!

copperfish said...

Great post, Sapphire!
I think it's high time for us to open our eyes and be aware of this crisis. And major news networks is doing a big part in educating the rest of the world still unfazed with this problem.

I'm sure CNN will have a replay of CA's special.

Phebe said...

Lots of wonderful information on CNN's excellent coverage. Thank you Ms.Sapphire.
On a totally selfish note I wonder if Erica's expanded show will mean no more 360 Bulletin with Anderson?

Sheryn said...

Wow, Sapphire what a great post! I watched CNN's coverage of World Refugee Day throughout yesterday and the reports were awesome.

I had the pleasure of watching Ms. Amanpour's special at noon and it was excellent!

Way to go ERICA! Congratulations!

I wanted to thank all of our new posters at ATC! You all did a terrific job this week. Kudos to all of you!

ACAnderFan said...

Sapphire, what an informative post. Great job!!! I'm glad that CNN is dedicated to informing it's viewers about World Refugee Day.

YAY!!! Erica's show will be expaned!!! I'm gald I like watching her.

Sapphire said...

thanks for the comments everyone!

@ Phebe - I hope this expansion does not mean Erica leaves 360 because there is nothing better then the Anderca banter :) I am sure they will figure out a way to work on the pre taped segments!

BookAsylum said...

Excellent post Sapphire! I didn't realize the extent of CNN's coverage extended to all of their daily shows.

Its nice to see that Erica Hill is getting being rewarded with additional air time. She's one of my favorite anchors.