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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

CNN's Campbell Brown

Its official. Campbell Brown will be joining CNN later this year!

Below is an excerpt from the CNN Press Release that came out yesterday:

Campbell Brown, an experienced and respected broadcast anchor and correspondent, will join CNN on Sept. 1, it was announced today by Jon Klein, president of CNN/U.S. Brown joins the network from NBC News where she served as anchor of Weekend Today and correspondent for NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, for whom she was also the main anchor substitute.

“We are extremely fortunate to be able to bring Campbell Brown to CNN,” said Klein. “Campbell stands out in this business as an impressive anchor with a distinctive ability to connect with viewers. She has covered a range of stories over the years and is particularly well suited for CNN’s global and journalistic reach.”

Prior to joining Weekend Today, Brown covered numerous major news events for NBC and served as White House correspondent during the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 and the build up and launch of combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The only questions left unanswered. What role is she going to play at CNN? Is someone losing their time slot? While we wait for answers, there's plenty of unofficial reports. From an article from Variety yesterday:

CNN won't say officially that Brown will land at 8 p.m., but CNN insiders expect her to do so, and for Zahn to leave the net when her contract expires this fall. CNN/U.S. prexy Jon Klein said another announcement would be made later this week.

CNN's deal with NBC will keep Brown from competing with Olbermann until November. Brown is expecting her first child late in December, but said she hopes to return in time for the Super Tuesday primary on Feb. 5.

"For me it's a rare opportunity to build a show from scratch, put my mark on it and cover stories I'm passionate about," Brown said.

What do you think about the potential shake up? Feel free to tell us your prediction or opinion in the comments.


Em said...

I read this store this morning and wondered where she would fit in. Atleast they said 8:00 so we don't have to stress too much. Still not sure what they will do with AC360 but think Anderson could easily do the 2 hours with the coming election in the next year. I don't know much about Campbell but have heard good things about here. I have never been a huge fan of Paula Zahn (don't hate me!) I tried to watch the count down to YouTube she was doing last week and she was really annoying me. Just a strange kind of delivery. That however is just my opionion, others may know more about her and have a better perspective!

sydney said...

This is from AP:


NEW YORK (AP) - Paula Zahn is leaving CNN, turning her prime-time slot over to Campbell Brown. Zahn's final program will be Aug. 2. Others will fill in until November, when Brown - newly hired from NBC News- will start, CNN said Tuesday.

Zahn has been at the network for nearly six years since jumping from Fox News Channel - her first day on the job Sept. 11, 2001. She said she expects to stay in television after taking some time off.

"For the first time in 30 years, I'm going to take a break here," said Zahn, 51.

Although her ratings are up this year, Zahn has had a tough time competing in a time slot dominated by Bill O'Reilly on Fox News Channel and Keith Olbermann at MSNBC. Rumors have spread for months that CNN was looking to make a change.

"As all of the stories were being written, (CNN U.S. President) Jon Klein and I were talking very amicably about where we both wanted to go," she told The Associated Press. "You're not going to survive very long in this business if you internalize every rumor that is out there. To a certain extent, my staff and I were able to drown out the noise and do what we were expected to do."

She and veteran executive producer Victor Neufeld had found a niche in recent months reporting extensively on issues of race relations, and Zahn said she was proud of that work. CNN had several times changed the focus of Zahn's show looking for something to catch on, including a focus on politics and emphasis on longer-form stories.

"We are grateful for her dedication, professionalism and class over the last six years," Klein said.

Em said...

Good would think I had posted my last comment at 4:34 a.m. Three typo's in one paragraph..ugh!

I know there are a lot of Paula fan's out there so I will wish her well. I am wondering if CNN is changing anchor's in an attempt to attract a younger demographic. If that is the case, I am ashamed of myself for saying anything negative about Paula. As a 40 Something women, I am beginning to experience that trend in my profession as well. When I was a young worker, it was expected that you have 10 to 15 years experience before you actually moved into a management position. With the fast pace of change ocurring in today's workforce, people are moving into these positions within 2 years. Kind of makes me sad..they go for younger more energetic personalities but fail to realize dedication to their organization for years is what might have robbed us older workers of our energy and enthusiasm. Sorry, sour grapes, but it is difficult to work so many years in hopes that it will eventually be rewarded only to find that changing times have made you obsolete.

christy from ga said...

Oh I love Campbell Brown, I watched her on the Today Show all the time. I think the later hours will be a blessing to her with a new baby. And Em, she is no 20 year old.. I think she is in her 40s too. Just having her first child later in life. I may be wrong. I bet Paula will enjoy the break. She can work when she can. I hope when I am 51 I have the freedom to not be tied down to a everyday job too! And I hope I look that dang HOT then too..rofl.
But hey, I turn 37 this year and look better then I did at 27 and that is after having 2 kids. So us late 30s and 40 and 50 somethings are what is IN these days anyway!!!

Anonymous said...

I have been watching CNN,FOX,& MSMBC for years. However,I had to stop watching MSNBC & NBC because they are so hateful to anyone that thinks different than them...
I see that Ms.Brown now beings on CNN some of NBC & MSNBC thinking with her to CNN.
The reason that I say this is that she brings up and shows more mistakes made by the McCain/Palin ticket than the Obama/Biden ticket.
Also at the sametime I think that FOX NEWS may lend alittle to the right...

Overall Ms. Brown does well.

However,you can tell that Rolland Martin is fully in the tank for Obama...and I think he should not be trying to drum up votes for Obama on CNN NEWS...
I watch CNN to hear the news, not wanting to see Rolland Martin trying to makeup news...