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Monday, July 30, 2007

Jack Caffer...tea or me?

Hi Everyone!

I grew up in the tri-state area where Jack Cafferty, Sue Simmons and the Live At Five team (NBC-NY) were "Must See TV" in my house. I proudly admit that I crushed on Mr. Cafferty, big time! Nowadays, I am thrilled to watch Jack on The Situation Room every night at 5pm! His blunt opinions about the policy makers of this country are refreshing, to say the least.

With that in mind, I decided to write a post about Mr. Cafferty's days at Live At Five. One Google search provided me with a great clip to share with you! The Gothamist was recently futzing around YouTube and found a segment that Jack did with David Letterman on Live At Five where each show simultaneously appeared on the other's for Letterman's anniversary (circa 1989).

Here is the clip and an excerpt from the article. Click here to read the full text.

Letterman on Live at Five/Live at Five on Letterman

While poking around on YouTube recently we stumbled onto this awesome clip from 1989 of David Letterman appearing on Live at Five and Live at Five simultaneously appearing on Late Night With David Letterman. In it, we see Letterman, whose studio 6A is just across the hall from WNBC's Live at Five's studio 6B, being interviewed by Jack Cafferty (and vice versa) on the occasion of a prime time anniversary show. Late Night taped its show every afternoon as Live at Five broadcast live, and Letterman on occasion popped in on Live at Five and was noted for complaining that WNBC's newscast got better guests then he did.

There are some gems, other than seeing what Sue Simmons and Al Roker looked like in 1989, such as a Top Ten List of Rejected Promotional Slogans for Live at Five, and Paul Shaffer and the band doing a cover version of the Live at Five theme.

If you live in the New York area please note that Sue Simmons will be interviewing Jack Cafferty at the 92Y in January 2008. Now I would pay good money to see that live! Here's the link.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this trip in the WAY-BACK Machine! LOL! I'll see you in two weeks! ~Sheryn


Sapphire said...

Great find Sheryn....I really loved that. I can see why you crushed on Jack.....he use to have nice hair. Speaking of hair, what the heck was up with Paul Shaffer's hair LOL

Great top ten list too :P

I like Jack Cafferty because of his straight to the point no nonsense style of reporting. I really enjoy the Cafferty Report on TSR

BookAsylum said...

That's a real gem! I wasn't familiar with Cafferty's pre-CNN days. I love his no nonsense approach on TSR- very few tell it like it is the way Cafferty does!

Can't wait for the book to come out- it should be an interesting read.

SAPHRON said...

Jack is still sexy! I attribute that with voice,power, and wit.

Em said...

Great Clip Sheryn...they all look so much younger! Does Paul actually have hair??