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Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Busy Day in the CNN World

It is a busy day in the CNN world so let's get it started!!!!!!!!!!

Kyra Phillips Interview

(screen caps courtsey of Book Asylum)

So since the Michael Vick story is hopefully taking a break until December when sentencing will happen, the big story on CNN this week is the arrest of Idaho Senator Larry Craig for laud behaviour in a Minneapolis airport washroom. On yesterday’s Newsroom, Kyra Phillips interviewed Dan Popkey, a reporter with the Idaho Statesman that has been covering the controversy surrounding Senator Larry Craig. Popkey has been covering this story for several months and was recently singled out by the Senator in a news conference. Below is part of the CNN transcript of the interview:
KYRA PHILLIPS, CNN ANCHOR: The White House says it's disappointed by Senator Larry Craig's arrest in an airport sex sting. Craig, however, insists he did nothing wrong. And even though he pleaded guilty, he says he shouldn't have. Either way, the rumors that surround Craig's personal life are not new. In fact, "The Idaho Statesman" was investigating allegations about Craig at the time of his arrest. The senator accuses the paper of conducting a witch-hunt. Dan Popkey is a reporter for "The Statesman." He joins me from Boise. And just to set it up, Dan, it is your article and your months of investigating that has triggered a lot of the controversy, a lot of the talk right now. The senator even mentioning your newspaper yesterday in the news conference.
PHILLIPS: So, Dan, let me ask you. Are you or anyone there at the newspaper on a witch-hunt?
DAN POPKEY, REPORTER, IDAHO STATESMAN: No, we have been careful, cautious, thorough, courteous from the start. We did not, in October when the blogger first published this claim about the senator having sex with men, we didn't report that. We took a pass on that because we didn't want to rely on somebody else's anonymous sources. Instead, we invested about five months now of reporting time on this story. It concluded -- go ahead. I'm sorry.
PHILLIPS: No, no, no. Go ahead, Dan. Go ahead.
POPKEY: Well, we finished the job essentially, we suspended the inquiry, if you will, after we interviewed the senator on May 14th, and we had decided that, based on his very firm denial of any homosexual conduct ever in his life, that a man of his credibility, of his -- a man who had served Idaho for a very long time with distinction, that we weren't going to use three anonymous sources to hang a story on. But we were going to wait and see if there were further developments in the story, if there was new evidence. That new evidence came on Monday when roll call broke the story of the senator's guilty plea.
For the full transcript, click here (it starts midway down the page)

A big thank you to CNN for sending this our way to share with our readers!!!


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Tomorrow (August 31st) is the one and only Mr. John King’s 43rd birthday. Everyone at ATC would like to send our warmest birthday wishes to Mr. King!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A New and Exciting Feature to All Things CNN

Well from the title of my post and everything contained in it you can see that it is certainly a busy time at CNN but here's the is ALWAYS a busy time at CNN. So the ladies of ATC though it would be good to try and have a place where we could keep track of everything we are finding out about CNN so our amazing, terrific readers would be in the know as well (a la the Anderson Cooper Event Calendar through our sister blog ATA). I am happy to introduce the All Things CNN Event Calender. The calendar will included birthdays of CNN and Headline News personalities, Show Anniversaries, Book Releases, Meet and Greets and big events happening at CNN (and there is alot :P) . We would also encourage everyone to send us any information that might be important for the calendar. You can send you ideas, thoughts, stories, pictures or general ideas of things you would like to see on All Things CNN to us at

Due to a layout issue I can't get the whole calendar up but you can see the full version of the calendar here


Evelyn said...

Ladies, a calendar is one of the best ideas this site has ever had! I LOVE the idea! What a great way to get all the up to date info on CNN! Thanks!

Happy Birthday to John King! He still looks fantastic for his age...for any age! I hope he gets to celebrate...

Sheryn said...

Happy Birthday John King!!!

Great job on the calendar, Sapphire! Thanks!!!

Purple Tie said...

I love the calendar. Good work, Sapphire.

Phebe said...

The calendar is terrific. Nice job Ms. Sapphire.
And my birthday greetings to JK also.

JRHot said...

Happy birthday, JK!

Great idea for the calendar!

BookAsylum said...

The calendar is a fantastic idea & it looks great!

Happy Birthday to John King!