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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dancing Quest

The internet is full of rumor and speculation. Among the most recent is who will the stars be on the fifth season of ABC's Dancing With The Stars? Which CNN anchor/ correspondent's name has been circulating among the buzz?

Richard Quest.

This month, his program, Quest, is rebroadcasting Quest for Dance.

This month, we revisit one of Richard's most celebrated adventures as he sets out on a search for the world's best movers and groovers in a toe-tapping Quest to Dance -- and ends up taking lessons from Patrick Swayze.

The program airs Saturday August 25 at 0600, 1400 and 1900; and Sunday August 26 at 0600 and 1900 ALL TIMES GMT (I'm not sure if this is CNN/i or CNN US.)

Additional information on the program can be found on

What might have stoked the flames of this rumor is the last few lines of the episode information appearing on CNN's website:

But can their lessons help him lose his extra left foot in time to compete with celebrities and professionals in front of 10,000 people on the American television show, "Dancing With The Stars?"

Multiple podcasts have been posted over the last several months involving the dance theme. The podcasts for Quest for Dancing where he interviewed Jerry Springer about his participation on Dancing with the Stars and Quest for Dance where he gets a ballroom dancing lesson are currently not available for download. In the podcast, Quest for Dirty Dancing, he interviews Patrick Swayze. This is available for viewing on CNN's website:

Only time will tell whether this is fact or fiction and if Quest will follow in the footsteps of his former CNN colleague Tucker Carlson.


Sapphire said...

OH MY GOD......I would love Richard on Dancing with the Stars. That would be freaking amazing. He is so funny too I think he would be great with the other stars.

Great find BA....I love this post

Purple Tie said...

Richard Quest would be perfect for Dancing with the Stars. They always need a character and that he is!

Good post!

Phebe said...

I love Richard Quest and he'd be so great on 'Dancing'. I wonder if anyone other than CNN geeks have ever heard of him? But then I've never heard of a bunch of people that have been on 'Dancing', so I guess fame isn't a prerequisite.

Evelyn said...

I LOVE RICHARD! He is just so hilarious! He really would be perfect for Dancing with the Stars!