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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Happy Anniversary, Another Sad Goodbye and a Birthday Greeting Too

Today is the second anniversary of CNN’s “The Situation Room” with Wolf Blitzer, the three-hour weekday program. The Situation Room is must see television for political junkies, and it tops MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews daily when it airs and often beats Fox News in ratings.

Wolf is also accompanied by a great group of reporters including a number of CNN journalists and pundits including Jack Cafferty, Carol Costello, Suzanne Malveaux, Ali Velshi Dana Bash, Barbara Starr, John King, Candy Crowley, Bill Schneider, Abbi Tatton, Paul Begala and J.C. Watts as well as many others.

Blitzer has interviewed many people during the
two years of TSR including Former Presidents Bill Clinton andJimmy Carter, Vice President Dick Cheney, Afghan President Hamid Karzai, U.S. Senators and Congress members to celebrities from Angelina Jolie, Michael Moore and many others. Over the past two year, The Situation Room has also brought us breaking news such as Hurricane Katrina coverage, Hezbollah/Israel War, the deaths of Anna Nicole Smith and Ladybird Johnson and the Minneapolis Bridge collapse.

The Situation Room differs in some ways from similar cable news programs. For instance, the set includes the use of eight video screens. The show also makes use of live RSS feeds that scroll in the background at various times during the show. Live video feeds are commonly present in the show's format.

The Situation Room airs from 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM and again at 7:00 PM Monday to Friday. Happy Anniversary Situation Room!!! Keep up the great work and here is to many, many more!


OK so considering the crazy weather in New York today I think the statement “when it rains, it pours” is appropriate for the news I came across today. Sibila Vargas resigned from her position as a CNN Entertainment Correspondent/Anchor effective August 24, 2007. Once her contract with CNN is up Sibila will be starting a new job in Houston, Texas.

KRIV in Houston has hired CNN entertainment reporter Sibila Vargas as its new morning anchor. Vargas has covered Hollywood since 1994 out of the CNN Los Angeles bureau as part of the Headline News Show “Showbiz Tonight” team and has been a regular guest on CNN shows American Morning and Anderson Cooper 360°. Prior to CNN, Vargas was a freelance entertainment reporter for KTLA-TV in L.A. and a guest co-host of ABC’s “The View.” Vargas has also hosted TV Guide Channel’s “Hollywood Insider,” Fox Movie Channel News and “FXM Dailies” and Paramount Domestic TV’s “Real TV.” Vargas begins her Houston assignment next month. Good luck to Sibila in her future endeavours!!!

A Happy Birthday Shout Out to Kyra Phillips who is celebrating her 39th birthday. Hope you had a fantastic day Kyra!!!!!!


Sheryn said...

Sapphire, you made sad for two reasons. I love Sabila and I'll miss her.

And, I'm older than Kyra? NO WAY! That's depressing! But Happy Birthday Kyra!

Purple Tie said...

Happy Birthday to Kyra!

Purple Tie said...

And congrats to Wolf and the Situation Room. :)

Evelyn said...

Wow, it pours indeed! I love TSA and I'm so happy it is doing well. Congrats to Wolf and TSA staff.

Kyra Phillips looks fantastic for her age :) Happy birthday Kyra!

CNN really is just losing people left and right! I liked Sibila and I'm sure she will be sorely missed. Best of luck to her!

Phebe said...

Has TSR room really only been on for 2 years? It seems so much longer. Happy BDay to Kyra.

Brenda said...

Now that Rick Sanchez has "Out In The Open" in the former Paula Zahn slot, does anyone know if this is just a "filler" until Campbell Brown arrives? I hope the execs will find a place in the nightly line-up for Rick's program. I enjoy his intense and personal style of reporting, and I'd much rather watch Rick than Campbell Brown!

Phebe said...

Brenda, I really have enjoyed 'Out in the Open' this week too. Rick is a ball of energy and very enthusiastic about reporting the news. Sadly it is just a filler. Rick is going to be doing American Morning with Kiran next week though, while John Roberts is on vacation.

Sapphire said...

@ Brenda - I think the plan is to have different anchors in the 8:00PM spot until Campbell joins. I can't say anything about Campbell Brown because I have never watched her but I personally love Rick.....weekend Newsroom I totally enjoy

Brenda said...

Thanks for your responses, Phebe and Sapphire. I was afraid that Rick's anchoring of Out in the Open might just be temporary. I, too, watch his weekend CNN Newsroom, regularly. The pairing of Rick with Kiran Chetry on American Morning might be interesting. I'm, definitely, not a Chetry fan but am curious as to how the two will interact.