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Monday, August 6, 2007

Rick and Barack and Abs of Steel?

We've had some discussions lately about the hardest working man at CNN. I've always thought it was a toss up between Wolf and Anderson Cooper. But hang on, there is a new contender. Rick Sanchez hasn't had a day off since July 25th and before the RS marathon is over he will have clocked 25 days without a day off. I hope he negotiated overtime into his contract. Here's what's coming up for Rick in the coming weeks:

Monday, Aug. 6 through Friday, Aug. 10 -- anchoring the 8pm hour, "Out in the Open"
(this is in Paula Zahn's time slot and looks very interesting)
Saturday, Aug. 11 -- anchoring CNN Newsroom in primetime
also doing the news update at 9:00pm on CNN en Espanol.
Monday, Aug. 13 through Friday, Aug. 17 -- co-anchoring American Morning
Saturday, Aug. 18 and Sunday, Aug. 19 -- anchoring CNN Newsroom in primetime Barack Obama and Time Warner Chief Dick Parsons
Have you heard about the behind closed doors, off the record reception that was held on July 24th with CNN's executives, on air personalities, other media types... and Barack Obama?

"The speaking event, which was not a fundraiser...included a full bar and appetizers, and Time Warner Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Richard Parsons sitting on a stage with Obama, interviewing him for more than an hour," reported Jake Tapper for Tapper went on to write, "According to sources at the event, other attendees included Time Inc. Editorial Director John Huey, Time Magazine Managing Editor Richard Stengel and Washington Editor Ana Marie Cox; superstar journalists Charlie Rose, Bryant Gumbel, Harry Smith, Frank Rich, Ken Auletta and Barbara Walters; hip-hop mogul Damon Dash; actresses Edie Falco and Mariska Hargitay; musician Jon Bon Jovi, "The View" co-host Joy Behar and various employees of the Time Warner media empire, all of whom were repeatedly told the talk was off the record and could not be reported."

And last, but definitely not least, CNN I-Report has finally found a story idea that I support whole heartily! Here's what they are asking for:
"Listen up men. Here's your chance to show the world just how fit you are. wants two tickets to the gun show -- starring you! Show off your biceps and rock-hard abs. And tell us about your fitness plan. Do you prefer to work out at the gym or outdoors? Send in photos and video that show off your heavenly body -- and share your fitness secrets with CNN. "

So my question...if Matt Lauer can show off those guns and rock hard abs why not Anderson or Rob or Wolf? OK, maybe not Wolf, but how about sexy Jack Cafferty?


Evelyn said...

wow i never new that was hiding under Matt Lauer's suit! :) Phebe I whole heartedly support your idea of Anderson showing off his wonderful for Wolf and Jack...haha maybe not

Rick Sanchez is such a funny guy. The best word I could use to describe him is intense haha. Rick really does work hard for CNN and I think he sometimes gets the short end of the stick story-wise.

I agree that Wolf and Anderson are givens when it comes to hardest working men of CNN...but I also think John Roberts is up there as well. I can't imagine how he has time to sleep when he fills in for Anderson on 360! Looks like JR is getting a break soon! He sure deserves it :) Thanks for the update Phebe!

ACAnderFan said...

I really didn't ralize that Rick Snachez worked so much. I'm gald to see that he'll be getting more air time. I've always liked his style of reporting.

Perhaps we'll get to see Anderon's biceps or abs. *corsses fingers and hopes for it* lol!!!

JRHot said...

How about JR's abs? Whether he has abs or not, I would just like to check out the chest.
Yes, looks like JR will finally take a break next week. What am I going to do in the morning????? :)

Anonymous said...

It's spelled Barack.

Sapphire said...

I am so excited that Rick is getting even more air time....good for him. I really love him, he is adorable

oh I-Report.....great idea with the abs of steel. Oh to dream of some CNN abs of steel....ask, believe receive I guess :P

Phebe said...

Yes it is anonymous, thanks for catching my typo.

Christy said...

Oh my gosh... Matt is so yummy. Well I am really crushing on Anderson but somehow I think he might be a bit on the skinny Not much of a tan either. But hey, I will take him!
I love John Roberts and would for sure love to see more of his body!
I will miss him next week, but all for the best. Back to school time around here and I will be busy getting back on track.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see more of Rick Sanchez-whether it is his abs or his reporting. He is gorgeous- and so good at his work.Please,CNN!!!!!!