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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cafferty Files & A Missed Birthday

Do you like Jack Cafferty? Enjoy seeing the Cafferty File on the Situation Room each afternoon? Jack Cafferty's first book was released on Monday- It's Getting Ugly Out There: The Frauds, Bunglers, Liars, and Losers Who Are Hurting America. I picked my copy of up yesterday & will let you know what I think of it later this week.

Next week, all of you Cafferty File fans are in for a treat! Jack will be doing an hour long Cafferty File on Wednesday, September 19th at 8pm ET.


Earlier this year, MyUrbanReport talked with TJ Holmes about his career prior to CNN, the differences in working at the national news level, and diversity in the newsroom. When asked about his style, he says he's "bringing sexy back." Oh, and don't ask him what "TJ" stands for.



This clip came to my attention the other day & I realized that we had missed an important birthday. August 19, 2007 was TJ Holmes' 30th birthday. Below is a clip from Newsroom:

Happy Belated Birthday TJ!

Are you wondering how the trip went? Well, he shared a few photographs from the experience when he got back to the newsroom.


Our Mystery Journalist this week was: CNN's Pentagon correspondent, Barbara Starr


ACAnderFan said...

Well for once I guessed the mystery journalist right...LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Please please please tell CNN to give
Jack his own show and maybe TJ can
do the 360 news bulliten when Erica
Hill is off.Or maybe develop a new
news program for TJ at 7PM.CNN
needs to bring back another hip
news program in 360's old time slot.

Purple Tie said...

I'm a fan of Jack's too. I love his style. He seem grumpy but lovable :)

Phebe said...

TJ is bringing sexy back! I just read on Wikipedia that he used to date Chilli from TLC. Very interesting. Check out the new link in our sidebar...there is a site that wants to give Jack his own show. I'm all for that.

Sapphire said...

Can't wait for Jack show next week.....should be very interesting

Happy Belated Birthday TJ!!!!!!!!!!
I love watching TJ over the weekends. He seems very cool and very down to earth. What an awesome way your b~day, helping people less fortunate then yourself. Way to go TJ!!!

Anonymous said...

This from a 73 year old Republican that is ashamed of voting for current President Bush.
Voting for Obama this time if he is
the candidate. Mc Cain is an old used up man without the stamana to run this Country. The same corporate puppet that runs this nation now with laws written by
the lobby crowd. He also should apologize to your reporer for callilng her a jerk. He is the Jerk.

Anonymous said...

Is TJ single? Gosh he is sizzlin!

Anonymous said...

Wow, if I could only get closer to that man and tell him face to face that he is so wonderful and does a very good job. It is nice to see a black man doing well for himself as for others. TJ, thanks for showing the way for many others who were afraid to get out there and take chances.
I hope he is single too!!