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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Its Getting Ugly Out There

I picked up my copy of Jack Cafferty's book last week. I found it propped up next to Ann Coulter's book (now that's just wrong!).

The title of Jack Cafferty's book, "It's Getting Ugly Out There: The Frauds, Bunglers, Liars, and Losers Who Are Hurting America" couldn't be more appropriate or more on target. And if you have any doubt about it prior to reading the book, afterwards, it will be crystal clear. There's been so much of it over the last few years, that it's easy to overlook an incident or two or three- just out of shear volume!

The best way to describe this book is it's part Cafferty Files and part memoir. If you like the tone and format of the TV version, you're going to love the book version. Cafferty has included many of his best rants and viewer comments with topics including the Iraq war, elections, the war on terror, the Bush Administration, Hurricane Katrina, media news coverage, and more. I don't always agree with Cafferty's opinions, but I'm still able to enjoy watching the Cafferty Files on TV and the same goes for the book. He tells it the way that he sees it and then opens the door for the viewers to do the same.

Prior to this book, I didn't know very much about Cafferty's pre-CNN background. Throughout the book there are stories about growing up in Reno, his marriages, the jobs that he's had, his military service, and his kids.

Would I recommend this book? Absolutely. I typically struggle when reading nonfiction finding an endless supply of excuses why NOT to continue reading. This book provided no excuses and I breezed through it.

Last week, Jack participated in an online chat at The Huffington Post. Below is an excerpt:

Daniel asks: Mr. Cafferty, Why has the media allowed the "surge" to fall into an argument of whether an extension of the surge is or is not necessary, when the original debate about the surge was let's give it one last shot, if it doesn't work we get out? Now we are arguing lets keep going till next year because by then we can draw down without losing gains. Why is that accepted logic? We know that the troops must draw down by then simply because troop rotation require that the troops come home, because there aren't any more troops to send, and the military can't sustain the surge beyond that. Why has the media ignored this and the fact that this being used to allow forced reductions next year seem like the results of a victorious strategy of Bush Admin. and GOP right before the Nov. election so they can claim "We were right"?

Cafferty says: I don't think President Bush ever had any intention of leaving Iraq. I think we have been lied to about that the same way we were lied to about WMD. Military bases are under construction all over the country including one on the Iran-Iraq border. I talked yesterday on the Situation Room about the drawdown of troops being in the cards for next spring with or without a grand announcement from the Decider. Unless the administration extends deployments or further digs deeper into the reserves or National Guard, they have to start coming home. It's about time! It's just too bad there won't be more of them leaving.

William asks: Why do people continue to assume that the president is stupid and that the administration doesn't know what it's doing? Isn't that an easy out for them? At what point do we, as an American public, take the president at his word and assume that he knows exactly what he is doing and that the outcome is intended?

Cafferty says: Bill, I absolutely agree the outcome is intended. I don't for one minute think President Bush ever plans to leave Iraq. As for him knowing what he is doing... well, that's another subject altogether. Some of this is addressed in It's Getting Ugly Out There. Do you have your copy yet?

Cafferty has also done several radio interviews promoting the new book.

On Monday, September 10, 2007, he was on the Bill Press Show. The podcast of the show is available for download to subscribers.

The same day, he was also on the The Stephanie Miller show during the Celebrity Hotline segment. The interview is available for download from the shows blog or this link.

There have also been multiple interviews on CNN. Below is a clip from this past Sunday's Reliable Sources with Howard Kurtz.

Of course, Wolf Blitzer interviewed Cafferty on the Situation Room, as well.

Want to try the book out before buying? Both the book's publisher, Wiley, and CNN have posted excerpts. CNN's excerpt is from the Preface. Wiley's excerpt is of the first chapter of the book, Boy in the Bubble.

If you're a Jack Cafferty fan, you have to check out They have Cafferty quotes, videos, and a petition for Jack Cafferty to get his own show.

We'll get a taste of what a Jack Cafferty show might be like Wednesday, when an hour long Cafferty File airs at 8pm ET.

Whoopi Goldberg will be his guest and its rumored that Wolf Blitzer might make an appearance as well.


We wish a speedy recovery to CNN anchor Lou Dobbs. He's currently recovering from surgery. Below is the transcript from the beginning of last night's Lou Dobbs Tonight:

ANNOUNCER: This is LOU DOBBS TONIGHT: news, debate, and opinion for Monday, September 17.

Live from New York, sitting in for Lou Dobbs, Kitty Pilgrim.

PILGRIM: Good evening, everybody.

We begin tonight with some news about Lou. Now, many of you have been asking where Lou is. Well, he's just had a tonsillectomy and he won't be here for the next two to three weeks. We're pleased to report that Lou is doing fine, and we thank you all for your concern.


I mentioned the Bill Press Show earlier. CNN's John King is a regular guest on the show each Monday morning (typically during the last 15 minutes of the show). The show is nationally syndicated but if your local talk radio station doesn't carry it, it can also be heard on Sirius Satellite Radio, Sirius Left 146, Monday - Friday, 6-9 a.m. EST.


A Happy Birthday to Soledad O'Brien, who will celebrate her birthday on Wednesday, September 19th!


Purple Tie said...

I like Jack a lot and I wish he would get a regular show on CNN. I'll be watching tomorrow night.

His book is another one I'll add to my list of reading.

Thanks for the post about him!

Sapphire said...

Get Well Soon Lou!!!

Happy Birthday Soledad!!!!! Have a fantastic one!

Great info on Jack and John as well BA!!!!

Can't wait to see the Cafferty File tonight

Phebe said...

I loved the Jack videos, thanks for sharing. I'm really looking forward the special edition of The Cafferty Files tonight.

Brenda said...

Thanks for the great post!
I loved the special edition of The Cafferty File, especially, Jack's interview with Candy Crowley (my favorite political correspondent). I had a brief moment of doubt about the program when Whoopi Goldberg appeared, since I don't tend to be particularly interested in the political opinions of celebrities, but Jack handled the interview well, and Whoopi made some valid points. A nightly hour of The Cafferty File -- or even a half hour with, perhaps, the focus on one guest each night -- would be a great addition to the CNN line-up.