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Saturday, September 15, 2007


We received this from CNN and wanted to pass it along to everyone:

Suzanne Malveaux will be interviewing Bernice King and Martin King III on Sunday evening (16 September) for this week's "Sunday Spotlight" at approximately 10:30pm ET for CNN Newsroom. Malveaux and the Kings will discuss the recent developments in the Jena 6 case and the planned 20 September rally being organized by Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton and others.

Bernice King is the youngest child of the late Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King. She is the only one of their children to be come a minister and is also a popular lecturer. Read more about her at Wikipedia.


If you missed the SIU special on Sat "Lifting the Veil" about women's struggles since the regime change in Afghanistan you can catch it on Sunday at 8pm est. It's a moving, heartbreaking and wonderfully done piece. All woman should watch this and hopefully respond. It's sickening that women are being treated like this in today's world. Watch more clips here.


According to some of the weekend anchors, AC360 will be focusing on the Madaleine McCann disappearance on Monday's show. Check it out at 10pm


Happy Belated Birthday to David Mattingly! His birthday was last Wed. Don't forget a CNN related event... check out our CNN Calendar of Events.

1 comment:

Sapphire said...

Can't wait for the Suzanne Malveauex interview with the Kings's.....looks really good.

Lifting the Veil was an absolutly well done piece and I agree every woman should and must watch it. It is one of my favourite SIU's

Happy Belated Birthday David "Flying Carp" Mattingly.....Hope you had a fantastic day!!!!!!