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Thursday, October 25, 2007

California Wildfires ~ CNN is There!!!

Starting this past Sunday, CNN has been covering the California wildfires full force. Strangely coinciding with the premier of Planet in Peril, the CNN/Headline News team, through television, blogs and their website has had comprehensive coverage of the California wildfires. With close to a million people evacuated and thousands of acres destroyed, CNN covered all the angles.
On The Air

CNN reporters have been covering the Wildfires from on the ground all over California and the studios.

In California:

Anderson Cooper

John Roberts
Kiran Chetry
Rick Sanchez

Kyra Phillips (A San Diego native)
Sanjay Gupta

John King
Ted Rowlands
Rob Marciano
Thelma Gutierrez

John Zarrella
Chris Lawrence
Brian Todd

Ed Henry

Dan Simon
Sean Callebs
Randi Kaye
Elizabeth Cohen

Reggie Agui
Kara Finnstorm
Allan Cheroff

Reporting from CNN studios

Wolf Blitzer

Chad Myers

Tom Foreman
Kelli Arena

Larry King
Heidi Collins
Don Lemon
Tony Harris
Erica Hill
Barbara Starr
Reynolds Wolf
Frank Sesno


When breaking news happens, there are many stories that can not make it on air. This is where the blogs come in. They tell stories we might not have known about from a first hand prospective from the front lines.

To read the complete blogs, click here

CNN Website

Some of the best footage that came through to CNN came from viewers at home who sent in I-Reports of the wildfires.

The last five days have been hard on everyone but most especially the residents of the many different areas affected by the fires in California, thankfully we have had their story brought to us by the terrific team of CNN and Headline News reporters. We at All Things CNN want to thank them for all their hard work over the past few days sharing the stories of tragedy, sacrifice, heroism, loss and hope. If you would like to help the residents of California, you can go to CNN’s Impact your World for more details.

All Things CNN would also like to send our thoughts and prayers with our readers who may be directly or indirectly effect by these fires.


Photo by: Justin Larose/CNN

On a lighter note, if you were curious to know why Kiran Chetry was stationed at the Qualcomm Stadium, we got our answer today. Kiran announced to People magazine that she is pregnant with her second child. The stork is certainly busy at CNN with both Kiran and Campbell Brown both expecting. Congratulations to Kiran and her husband, Chris Knowles. You can read the article with People here.


Scott Safon Named Executive Vice President,
Chief Marketing Officer of CNN Worldwide

Marketing and branding innovator Scot Safon has been promoted to executive vice president & chief marketing officer of CNN Worldwide, it was announced today by Jim Walton, president of CNN Worldwide. Safon oversees branding; consumer and trade advertising; and marketing and promotion of the CNN portfolio of networks and businesses, including CNN/U.S., Headline News, CNN International and, and their news and information programming, personalities and events. He is based in Atlanta at CNN world headquarters and reports to Walton.
“Our marketing and promotion efforts reflect a quality, intelligence and point of view that set CNN apart,” said Walton. “As a creative executive, Scot sets the tone for that work. But he is equally important to me and to our organization as a strategist and leader. His influence and impact are felt, and welcomed, throughout CNN. I’m pleased to acknowledge his contributions to our continuing success." Formerly senior vice president of marketing and promotion, Safon joined CNN in 2002. He and his marketing and promotions teams executed award-winning campaigns supporting the debut of CNN’s The Situation Room, Anderson Cooper 360°, the re-launch earlier this year of and CNN’s continuing election coverage. Previously, Safon headed marketing for TNT, where he conceived and guided campaigns supporting the network’s signature original films and miniseries including George Wallace, Door to Door, James Dean, Pirates of Silicon Valley and Gettysburg . Safon also led marketing efforts for the successful “We Know Drama” positioning that he helped develop. Earlier, Safon managed the CBS Television account for Backer Spielvogel Bates and Grybauskas/Beatrice in New York , where he began his career with D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles, Inc. He holds a bachelor of arts degree in economics and history from the University of Virginia and an MBA from Cornell University . Safon, who was named a “Brand Builder” by Television Week in 2006 for the Anderson Cooper 360° launch campaign, serves on the board of directors of Promax.

Congratulations to Scott on his promotion!!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds good.Does that mean we are about
to get a brand new ad campaign in 2008.
Stay tuned as they say.

Millie said...

Scott Saffon is an nice-looking man!! Can't quite pinpoint it, but there's something intriguing about him.

Moussa, Demba said...

I m Moussa orinally from Mauritnia that is in West Africa, one thing I know is that it will be very hard for me to live without CNN, people like Brian Todd, Rick Sanchez,Candy K, AC 360, Chris L, and some other are just amazing about the hard work they done to inform us.
Lovely Tv Channel