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Saturday, October 13, 2007

CNN Pop Quiz

I thought it might be fun to have a little quiz about our favorite CNN personalities. Maybe you'll learn something new about them!

1) Which CNN anchor has two sets of children that are approx 30 years apart?

2) This afternoon anchor attended Brooklyn College, LSU and won an EMMY for a special report he did on real estate in Chicago

3) His reporting of Princess Diana's Funeral won him an EMMY award.

4) She was perky on Fox before she was 'perky' on CNN.

5) In his spare time he loves to ride his motorcycles.

6) Her beginning in television news started with Tech news.

7) This correspondent lived in Tehran until she was 11.

8) This tough international correspondent graduated from law school before going into journalism.

9) This CNN hunk spent several years in New York City working in trading and investing. He was responsible for executing trades for institutional investors.

10) This anchor is a spokesperson for the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness because she and her son have the disease.

Multiple Choice:

1) Who started their career as a disc jockey but went on to anchor the news in Atlanta before heading to CNN days.

-a. Don Lemon
-b. Tony Harris
-c. Rob Marcino

2) This Washington based correspondent started off as a producer for CNN.

-a. Dana Bash
-b. Suzanne Malveaux
-c. Candy Crawley

3) Mostly known for his coverage of the US, this correspondent recieved an EMMY nod while working at local station in Palm Beach Florida for his series on the Gaza strip.

-a. Anderson Cooper
-b. Gary Tuchman
-c. Drew Griffin

4) He's married to a one-time CNN sports reporter.

-a. Larry King
-b. Wolf Blitzer
-c. Lou Dobbs

5) He went to college on a football scholarship

-a. Michael Ware
-b. Rick Sanchez
-c. Wolf Blitzer

6) Which one of these CNN anchors has NOT appeared on David Letterman?

-a. Anderson Cooper
-b. Lou Dobbs
-c. Kyra Phillps

7) This correspondent got into it with Michael Moore over his movie "Sicko"

-a. Rick Sanchez
-b. Lou Dobbs
-c. Sanjay Gupta

8) He wants to dance on Ellen's show...

-a. Wolf Blitzer
-b. John Roberts
-c. John King

9) Paula Zahn once said he was the best dancer at CNN.

-a. Larry King
-b. Anderson Cooper
-c. Lou Dobbs

10) Her show starts in Feburary after her move from NBC to CNN.

-a. Jane Pauley
-b. Katie Couric
-c. Campbell Brown


First Part:

1)Larry King
2)Don Lemon
3)Anderson Cooper
4)Kiran Chetry
5)John Roberts
6)Erica Hill
7)Christane Amanpour
8)Michael Ware
9)Rob Marciano
10)Heidi Collins

Part 2

1) B-Tony Harris
2) A-Dana Bash
3) B-Gary Tuchman
4) C-Lou Dobbs
5) B-Rick Sanchez
6) B-Lou Dobbs
7) C-Sanjay Gupta
8) A-Wolf Blitzer
9) B-Anderson Cooper
10) C-Campbell Brown

18-20 CNN Stalker! You either work for CNN or need a restraining order!
14-18 CNN Expert-Perhaps you might think about getting a life ;)
10-14 Friend of CNN-You know enough to show you can use Wikipedia!
5-10 Average- You have an average knowledge but not quite CNN obessessed.
2-5 Hmmm-Well, you like CNN but maybe you aren't too good with names?
0-1 Do you work for FOX?


Quitty said...

That was fun! I scored a 17 so I guess I do need to get a life but at least there ain't a restraining order against me.

Most surprising? Rob working in trading and investing. I would have never guessed.

Sapphire said...

I know this before but now it is official.....I am a CNN stalker. I got 18. No restraining orders so maybe I could work for CNN :P (in my dreams LOL)

The Rob question got me too. I learned something new today. Thanks Purple Tie. This was fun!!!!!!!

BookAsylum said...

Great pop quiz! I only got 17 right. Scary that I'm able to remember that much.

Em said...

I scored 18...missed Anderson the "dancer" and one other. But I promise, I will probably never get close enough to any of those people to gain true "stalker" status! Athough, I may need to get a life;)

Phebe said...

Really great post PT. I didn't keep score but I'm sure my blogmates beat me big time.

Sapphire said...

so Anderson is the best dancer at CNN according to Paula Zahn....maybe he should go on Dancing with the Stars :P