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Monday, October 1, 2007

Separated at Birth

A few days ago Sapphire sent me a picture of CNN's John Roberts. It reminded me of John McCook from 'The Bold and The Beautiful'. The idea of doing a separated at birth post was born. With the ladies help here are a few of our comparisons.

John Roberts and John McCook (Eric Forester on The Bold and The Beautiful)

Wolf Blitzer and C. Evertt Koop

Kyra Phillips and Tina Fey

David Mattingly and Gordon Thompson (Adam Carrington on Dynasty)

Dan Rivers and Clay Aikin

Heidi Collins and Reba McIntyre

Anderson Cooper and Kermit the Frog

Dana Bash and Dory (Ellen Degeneres' fish in Finding Nemo)

Tom Foreman and Scooter from The Muppets


Purple Tie said...

The Tom Foreman/Scooter one is too funny!

Evelyn said...


Em said...

Too ladies crack me up. Of course, I love Anderson as Kermie baby. Did I every tell you I once won the best costume on halloween? My boyfriend and I went as Kermie and Miss Anderson aka Kermie definitely works for Moi! :)

JRHot said...

What a picture of JR! I'm glad I looked at this first thing this day just got even better! I thought the shot of JR in his biking gear was good but this is even better. Thank you ladies.......a great job, AGAIN!!! Keep those sexy pictures of JR coming. :)

Anonymous said...


Sheryn said...

OH absolutely fabulous!!! I love them all! I'm with PT, I love the TF/Scooter one and Dana/Dory! Very cute!

Sapphire said...

wow Phebe you did a great job. I think this should be contineous post idea because we have alot of CNN/Headline news peeps to work with :)

Millie said...

John King should have been included in this blog post... to me he looks like a tad like Brendan Fraser, don't you think?

lori said...

Brilliant! I'm still snickering over Tom/Scooter and Dana/Dory...

Phebe said...

To AF, thank you so much for visiting our site and leaving a comment. I hesitate to publish your comment because I want to protect your privacy.

BTW, Mr Foreman is the coolest! Please visit our sister site All Things Anderson to read the Q&A he did with our blog.

Again, thank you for stopping by and feel free to let us know what you think often! Please though, do not use your full name.

Anonymous said...

this CNN John Roberts guy doesn't look like john McCook at all! Way to goooo you just Made a put down on John McCook which, happen's to be very Handsome and way better looking then this guy anyways!