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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Catch The Bus

Tom Foreman, September 25, 2007
Candy Crowley, September 26, 2007
John King, October 2, 2007
Mary Snow, October 17, 2007
John King, October 18, 2007
Bill Schneider, November 2, 2007

Sometimes being a part of the Best Political Team on television means that you have to ride the bus... the CNN Election Express bus, of course.

We've seen the Election Express travel to various parts of the country to cover the 2008 Presidential Primary candidates campaigns: New Hampshire, New York, South Carolina, Iowa, Illinois, etc.

Many of the candidates have even taken a ride on the Election Express or at least stepped on board for an interview.

On Friday's The Situation Room, Wolf Blitzer announced that the Election Express was heading to Denver, Colorado and then would be making it's way to Las Vegas, Nevada in time for the November 15th Democrat debate that Blitzer will be moderating.

From there, the Election Express will go to St. Petersburg, Florida for the November 28th Republican YouTube Debate.

If you catch up with the Election Express bus along it's travels, we'd love to hear about it. Drop us an email at:

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Mystery Journalist

This week's Mystery Journalist was Fredricka Whitfield.


Purple Tie said...

It would be interesting to see what they have there on the bus?

I'd love to meet Candy because she just seems to really know what's going on in politics.

BookAsylum said...

I'd be curious to see what it looks like this time next year. They seem to get a new bus every few years, but I'm not sure they've ever had a campaign season last this long.

Phebe said...

I wonder how many States the bus will actually travel to in this campaign? Great post, as always.