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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Special Programming Note

Special Programming Note, tonight at 8PM Eastern:

CNN: Special Investigations Unit – Death Grip: Inside Pro Wrestling

It’s been an open secret that anabolic steroids and painkillers are a part of professional wrestling, but the murder-suicide of WWE wrestler Chris Benoit’s family focused a new spotlight on the consequences of the excesses. In an in-depth look into the world of the WWE, CNN investigative correspondent Drew Griffin reveals that over the last decade, wrestlers have died from heart attacks, drug overdoses, suicides and cerebral hemorrhages – at rates much higher than for the general population. Including an interview with Vince McMahon, the chairman of the WWE, Griffin reports on what the life of professional wrestlers is like inside and outside of the ring – and how some wrestlers gamble with their health to win a chance at stardom in the profession.


bluediamond (Jennifer) said...

I don't like wresting with this so called sport people are trying to hurt each other, I think they should do away with wresting.

elliott said...

i am a huge wrestling fan. on top of that i am training to be a wrestler.

as a fan, i feel bad that bluediamond (jennifer) does not like wrestling, but it is more sport than most other sports. bowling, golf, cheerleading...

our sport, at least, has actual physical competition and is highly entertaining.

bluediamond also made a comment about people trying to hurt each other with this sport... so does olympic wrestling and boxing.

i hate cnn. i have seen the edited footage they aired on this segment, and the unedited footage (which can be seen on cnn's bias towards wrestling is atrocious.

i am a wrestler, i am only 178 lbs, and have never taken steroids. its amazing how a small select few that has can ruin our name...

im also puerto rican and, no, i will not steal your bike.