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Friday, December 7, 2007

The Best Political.... Podcast

Lou Dobbs will be on CSPAN2 this Sunday on BookTV talking about his latest book Independents Day: Awakening the American Spirit. The program was taped earlier this month when Dobbs spoke at the Princeton Club in New York City.

The program will air:

  • Sunday, December 9, at 1:00 AM
  • Sunday, December 9, at 12:00 PM
  • Sunday, December 9, at 8:15 PM
  • Monday, December 10, at 2:00 AM

He also recently spoke with Michel Martin on NPR's Tell Me More.

The podcast is also available for download here or viewable online here.

credit: Getty Images
Do you find yourself wishing that Lou Dobbs Tonight was longer than just one hour? Well, you're in luck! Beginning in March, 2008, Lou Dobbs will have his own radio show. A press release that appeared in the New York Observer announced that United Stations Radio Networks will produce and distribute the Lou Dobbs Show from 3p - 6p ET starting on March 8, 2008.


Did you see the new CNN All Access podcast this week?

Get an look at the CNN Control Room with CNN Newsroom Director Scott Riegert.

The Best Political Team on TV has a new podcast: The Best Political Podcast. Wolf Blitzer hosts this podcast and provides you with daily excerpts from the political coverage from The Situation Room.

Monday's podcast featured an excerpt from Blitzer's interview with Senator Fred Thompson and reports from John King, Dana Bash, and Candy Crowley.
Tuesday's podcast featured Blitzer's interview with Former US Amb. to the U.N. John Bolton and reports from Bill Schneider, Dana Bash, and Candy Crowley.
Wednesday's podcast Blitzer interviewed Governor Mike Huckabee and reports from Mary Snow, John King, and Bill Schneider.
Thursday's podcast included reports from Dana Bash, Ali Velshi, Ed Henry and Bill Schneider.
Friday's podcast has Blitzer's interview with Ron Suskind and reports from Bill Schneider, Candy Crowley, and a top 5 countdown of campaign moments of the week with Jennifer Michael

This 11 minute podcast can get you up to speed quickly on the latest headlines in politics. You can view Friday's podcast here or the podcasts are available for download from iTunes or


Mystery Journalist

I hope you enjoyed last week's pop quiz. This week we're all smiles.

Can you name this CNN journalist?

Let us know who you think it is and we'll reveal this journalist's identity in Sunday's post.


Millie said...

This podcast information is good to know about. Thanks for posting information about it at the blog!!!

MWmcFan said...

Oh, I can't believe it - this Mystery Journalist lips belong to Michael Ware! I think I just saw the photo from where this picture came. Even though I think I have seen every photo of Mick that exists on the internet, it still took awhile to guess this one! You guys are good.
And love the behind the scenes Atlanta control room footage - that's very cool, thanks BA.

Millie said...

I think the mystery journalist is Rob Marciano, no?