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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Breaking News and All Things CNN's Year in Review

Benazir Bhutto

If you have been watching CNN or checking out today you have heard about the breaking news in regards to the assassination of Pakistan's former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. CNN has planned special programming tonight to cover the breaking news

*Special Situation Room at 8PM EST
*Larry King Live hosted by Wolf Blitzer at 9PM EST
*Special Anderson Cooper 360 at 10PM EST
*Special Investigation Unit from Nic Robertson ~ Pakistan: Terror Central at 11PM EST

In addition we have received a press release informing us of CNN's coverage:

Throughout the day and evening on Dec. 27, CNN’s world-wide reporting includes coverage from Jim Acosta, general assignment correspondent; Peter Bergen, terrorism analyst; Arwa Damon, Baghdad bureau correspondent; Jill Dougherty, U.S. Affairs Editor; Wilf Dinnick, International correspondent; Ed Henry, White House correspondent; John King, chief national correspondent; Robin Oakley, European political editor; Keith Oppenheim, national correspondent; Nic Robertson, senior international correspondent; Richard Roth, United Nations correspondent; Barbara Starr, Pentagon correspondent; Ali Velshi, senior business correspondent and co-host of Your $$$$$; and Zain Verjee, State Department correspondent. More than a dozen CNN staff from around the world are being deployed to Pakistan to cover her death, funeral and aftermath of the assassination of Bhutto. Many will travel via the United Arab Emirates, the location of CNN’s newest newsgathering hub, and will arrive early Friday morning (ET) to support CNN’s Mohsin Naqvi, who broke the story this morning.

In addition, is offering up-to-the minute reporting and analysis with extended coverage and extensive video, live and on-demand, from the scene, the immediate aftermath and file video of Bhutto from over the years. also has created a special Hot Topic section at, which is a central resource for all of the coverage elements on the site, including the opinion editorial Bhutto penned for in November 2007. Live – - offers users access to multiple live video streams including anchored coverage of all of the latest breaking news updates and analysis, and were available coverage from CNN Radio is airing one minute special reports at the bottom of the hour. CNN Newsource will provide its affiliates access to reports.

Back in September of this year before returning from exile, Ms. Bhutto appeared on CNN Situation Room for a one on one interview with Wolf Blitzer. Reading the transcript you can understand that Ms. Bhutto understood what could happen to her once she returned to Pakistan but was will to return and stand up for freedom and democracy. To read the full interview transcript, click here.


It is that time of year again and like our sister blog All Things Anderson, it is time to do our first ever All Things CNN year in review and what a year it has been. If I added everything that happened this year with CNN and Headline News I would need a extra 365 days. This is a compiled list of some major stories and events that happened this year. So sit back and lets take a little stroll down memory lane with CNN and Headline News for the year that was 2007!


*President Gerald Ford's Funeral ~ January 3
*Rep. Nancy Pelosi becomes first female speaker of the house ~ January 4
*State of the Union Address ~ January 23


*Anna Nicole Smith Dies in Florida ~ February 9


*Lewis “Scooter” Libby found guilty of perjury ~ March 6
*Iran holds British sailors captive ~ March 23


*All Things CNN is born ~ April 4
*Don Imus under fire over racial and sexist comments ~April 6
*Dr. Sanjay Gupta Book Chasing Life is released ~ April 9
*Soledad O'Brien and Miles O’Brien co-host their final America Morning ~ April 13
*John Roberts and Kiran Chetry take over American Morning hosting duties ~April 16
*Mass shooting at Virginia Tech killing 33 ~April 16


*British girl Madeline McCann goes missing ~ May 3
*Rev. Jerry Farwell dies ~May 15
*Larry King celebrates 50 years in broadcasting in May
*Andrew Speaker cause TB scare in May
*Thomas Roberts leaves Headline News in May


*CNN turns 27 on June 1
*Democratic Debate moderated by Wolf Blitzer in New Hampshire ~June 3
*Republician Debate moderated by Wolf Blitzer in New Hampshire ~ June 5
*Duke Lacrosse lawyer resigns ~ June 15
*Prime News with Erica Hill extends to 2 hours ~ June 25
*Paris Hilton out of jail and on Larry King Live ~ June 27
*All Access Podcast celebrates 1st Anniversary in June


*Plane crash in Brazil – 200 dead ~ July 17
*Pipe burst in New York City ~ July 18
*YouTube Democratic Debate moderated by Anderson Cooper in South Carolina ~July 23
*Campbell Brown announces joining CNN ~July 23
*London/Scotland Terror Attacks ~ July
*Andrea Koppel leaves CNN in July


*Minneapolis Bridge Collapse ~August 1
*Paula Zahn has final broadcast on CNN ~ August 2
*I-Report turns 1 ~ August 2
*Miners trapped under ground in Utah ~August 6
*Earthquake in Peru ~August 16
*Christian Amanpour's series God's Warriors airs ~August 21-23
*Alberto Gonzales resigns as Attorney General ~ August 27
*Senator Larry Craig sex scandal breaks ~ August 27
*Michael Vick pleads guilty in dog fighting case ~ August 27
*Karl Rove resigns ~ August 31
*Toys from China are recalled in August
*CNN new website is uploaded in August
*Jessica Yellin joins CNN in August
*Sibilia Vargas leaves CNN in August


*General Petreaus Report about Iraq is released ~ September 10
*Anderson Cooper 360 reports live from Iraq ~ Sept 10-13
*Jack Cafferty Book - It's Getting Ugly Out There is released ~ September 10
*OJ Simpson arrested in Las Vegas ~ September 18
*Jeffrey Toobin Book - The Nine is released ~ September 18
*Thousands march for civil rights in Jena, Louisiana for the Jena 6 ~September 20
*Iran's Ahmadinejad visits America ~ September 24-25
*"Prophet" Warren Jeffs found guilty of being an accomplice to rape ~ September 25
*Benazir Bhutto sits for an interview with Wolf Blitzer ~ September 26
*Protest errupt in Burma (Myanmar) between Buddist priest and the military junta in September
*Abbie Boudreau joins CNN in September
*Gloria Borger joins CNN in September


*Olympian gold medalist Marian Jones admits taking steroids ~ October 5
*Howard Kurtz Book - Reality Show is released ~ October 9
*Cleveland school shooting ~ October 10
*Pakistan unrest – over 100 killed at rally ~ October 18
*California Wildfires ~ October 22-25
*Planet In Peril featuring Anderson Cooper, Sanjay Gupta and Jeff Corwin debut (October 23-24)
*CNN wins Emmy for political coverage ~ October 24

*CNN goes HD in October


*Situation Room and Lou Dobbs Tonight Switch Time Slots ~ November 5
*Robin & Co. becomes Morning Express with Robin Meade on Headline News ~ November 5
*Lou Dobbs Book - Independence Day is released ~ November 6
*Democratic Debate moderated by Wolf Blitzer, John Roberts and Campbell Brown in Las Vegas ~ November 15
*YouTube Republican Debate moderated by Anderson Cooper in St. Petersberg, Florida ~ November 27
*Hostage standoff at Clinton campaign office in Manchester, New Hampshire ~ November 30
*Fareed Zakaria joins CNN in November


*Omaha mall shooting ~ December 5
*CNN Heroes with Anderson Cooper and Christiane Amanpour aired honoring everyday heroes ~ December 6
*Colorado church shootings ~ December 9
*Baseball steroid scandal is in the news with the release of the Mitchell Report ~ December 13
*Pakistan opposition leader Benazir Bhutto is assassinated in Pakistan ~ December 27
*Drew Griffin wins Business & Financial Emmy in December
*Wilf Dinnick joins CNN in December

Wow what a year for CNN and Headline News and the truth of the matter is there is still 4 more days left and alot can happen in 4 days. 2007 was quiet a year and 2008 is shaping up to be an even bigger year.

I want to wish everyone a very happy and prosperous 2008!!! I will talk you next year.


Anonymous said...

You guys do an amazing job keeping us informed>
I have been glued to CNN since word broke of
the Bhutto assassination. The impact of this
tragic event will remain for some time.

Anonymous said...

Wolf Blitzer has been doing some amazing work.
Wolf has put in a lot of extras hours during thiis
tragic event.

Millie said...

Great job, Sapphire, in summarizing 2007 at a glance. What a year it has been! Looking forward to more of your great blog posts in 2008!