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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wolf Wannabe and Last Week's Ratings At A Glance

It's funny how things just fall into my lap at the most opportune time. I hadn't a clue what I was going to blog about today when I got an email from a friend saying Kathy Griffin was on Jimmy Kimmel. I set the recorder because I knew Kathy would be talking about her NYE appearance on CNN with Anderson Cooper. I got a pleasant surprise when I reviewed my recording on Tuesday morning. Not only had Kathy talked about AC (see my post at ATA yesterday) but Jimmy aired a piece done at with CNN at the 2004 Presidential debates in Tempe, AZ. It seems that Jimmy's dad is a dead ringer for Wolf Blitzer. So with camera crew in tow in proceeded to interview everyday people, celebs and Wolf himself. Enjoy! ~ Phebe


Anderson Cooper, NYC, Courtesy Google Images

What a week! I think Anderson Cooper’s expression says it all…A New Year’s Eve celebration broadcast on Fox News and CNN, a Caucus on Thursday, a Republican/Democratic debate on Saturday on a broadcast network that wound up as a rebroadcast on CNN Sunday night. Finally, another Republican debate on Sunday night on Fox News that ran up against the rebroadcast ABC Republican/Democratic debate on CNN. Got all that???

There isn’t much to look at with the week as we must eliminate Thursday election coverage from normal program audience delivery. We’ll then look at Caucus Thursday and a little on the weekend coverage and tiny recap on New Year’s Eve.

8PM: ^
Fox News: 432,000*
CNN: 250,000**
MSNBC: 338,000**

With all those asterisks* what is really important? Nothing really. Reruns of O’Reilly, OUT IN THE OPEN aired once and MSNBC’s “Docbloc” that dominated the channel all week performed very well.

9PM: ^
Fox News: 284,000*
CNN: 260,000*
MSNBC: 153,000**

Monday and Tuesday were weak for HANNITY & COLMES with reruns grew well with them back in action Wednesday and performed extremely well on Friday to pull them up to first position for the week at 9PM. LKL had a dismal Monday and Tuesday, but bounded back on Wednesday and Friday to claim a strong 2nd finish for the time period. Once again, with DAN ABRAMS only airing one day, there wasn’t much to say.

10PM: ^
Fox News: 223,000*
CNN: 261,000*
MSNBC: 287,000*

GRETA aired four days, and with the holidays, this performance is ‘way off of her typical audience delivery. Monday pulled down the Cooper average (I don’t believe CNN would have coded that program a 360 as I believe it was a special, but it appears Nielsen did). Otherwise it would have come very close to beating MSNBC’s “Docbloc” that did so well during the holidays. People watched crime on the holidays…okee…I guess the good news is that on a time period basis, 360 beat GRETA for the week. What really bumped 360 were strong performances on Wednesday and Friday.
CNN Iowa Caucus Night; CNN © 2008. All Rights Reserved.

Fox News Adults 25-54: 806,000
CNN Adults 25-54: 923,000
MSNBC Adults 25-54: 587,000

Fox News Total Audience 2+: 2.248 million
CNN Total Audience 2+: 2.205 million
MSNBC Total Audience 2+: 1.252 million

The good news? CNN won in the key advertiser demographic of Adults 25-54 for its 8PM-12MD Iowa Caucus coverage – a time period accepted by the industry for the night’s measurement (it is different than regular primetime of 8P-11P). CNN also nearly beat Fox News in Total Audience 2+ - which is amazing as Fox News being so heavily with 50+ viewers normally has a commanding lead over all other networks regardless of time period. The other good news – from 10PM – 12MD, CNN did win Total Audience 2+ - clearly indicating viewer interest for wrap up and final results.

CNN Promotion; ABC New Hampshire Debate Rebroadcast;
Courtesy, All Things CNN; CNN.


Fox News Forum 8PM – 9:33PM, Adults 25-54: 767,000
CNN Democratic/Republican Debate Rebroadcast,
7PM-11:38PM, Adults 25-54: 367,500

Now keep in mind, Fox News aired 8PM-9:33PM. CNN aired 7PM-11:38PM. ABC had over 8 million viewers for the Saturday first run of the debate, and CNN was up against network airings of football and an extremely strong 60 MINUTES. It also extended outside of primetime to 11:38PM, and Homes Using Television (HUTS) greatly decrease at 11PM. STILL, this performance by CNN far exceeds what is normally run in the time periods on Sunday evening, so a good call to rebroadcast the debate – a 53% increase in audience with the debate versus CNN Sundays, 2007 year-to-date.

New Year’s Eve, Dec. 31, 2007 CNN Staff and Anderson Cooper; Courtesy CNN

Fox News, 11P-1AM, Adults 25-54: 355,000
CNN, 11P-1AM, Adults 25-54: 410,000

CNN beat Fox News with its strength in audience delivery in the 11PM-12MD hour. It did not beat Fox News in Total Audience 2+ for the 2 hour block (really 90 minutes for both channels) but did in the 11PM -12MD hour.

A very competitive and good performance for CNN for the week in multiple areas.
Let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll see you next week!

All content, unless otherwise cited, is © All Things CNN and may not be used without consent of the blog administrator.


Anonymous said...

Rating Guru could this mean that people who
are 55 and under are turning to CNN for
politcal nights ?

Also is there tightening is the demo at
10pm ? said...

While News typically skews old, CNN does have a much better skew for Adults 18-34, Adults 18-49 and Adults 25-54 when it comes to Election Coverge. Thia is a very big bonus for CNN Sales of the night.

CNN's10PM ratings (audience delivery) were strong toward the end of last week, But, since it was a holiday week and was up against a "Docbloc" on MSNBC which did exceptionally well and reruns of GRETA, it is too early to be considered a trend.
Ratings Guru

Sapphire said...

oh Ms. Phebe thanks for sharing the video from Jimmy Kimmel. That was so hilarious. I can not believe how many people thought that was Wolf. Too funny!!!

J in LA said...

The Jimmy Kimmel clip was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!
J in LA