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Saturday, February 16, 2008

18 Hours in Islamabaghdad??

When is a CNNer considered a FoxFriend? Jamie McIntyre "earned" that distinction on a recent trip with DefSec Gates to Baghdad. The trip utilized a pool crew, which is one of the few times that the networks cooperate rather than compete, as Jamie explains in this behind-the-scenes video:

And for those of you who have been wishing for a little international flavor, Baghdad correspondent Michael Ware (in Islamabad) interviews Terrorism Analyst Peter Bergen (in DC) as part of his "Pakistan's Vital Vote" on CNN/International this weekend:

Where in the World...?

On Saturday, "This Week at War" became "This Week in Politics," which I guess makes Tom Foreman an honorary member of TBPTOT. Dana Bash was in Washington, DC; Candy Crowley was in Richmond, Virginia; and Suzanne Malveaux was in NOLA. Sunday, Candy moved on to Alexandria, Virginia and Suzanne to Manassas, Louisiana. Meanwhile, in NY, Rick Sanchez was filling in for Ali Velshi on "Your Money."

Monday, Alina Cho filled in for Kiran Chetry on "American Morning." Dana Bash was in Annapolis, MD; Candy Crowley in Baltimore, Maryland. John King reported from Weyer's Cave, Virginia. Wolf Blitzer hosted "The Situation Room" from NYC.

On Tuesday, Dana had gone to Alexandria, Virginia; Candy to Madison, Wisconsin; and Suzanne to El Paso, Texas. Wednesday Dana was in DC; Candy in Racine, Wisconsin; Suzanne started out in El Paso then went to San Antonio. Brianna Keiller filled in for Kyra Phillips, while Gary Tuchman was on Capital Hill for the Clemens testimony.

Thursday, both Candy as well as Susan Roesgen went to Dekalb, Illinois to cover the campus shootings. Dana was in Burlington, Vermont. Anderson Cooper hosted "AC360" from NOLA. Friday, Don Lemon was in Dekalb and Zain Verjee was back in DC.

And Michael Ware (above) has been in Islamabad, Pakistan all week in preparation of Monday's historic elections.

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MWmcFan said...

Michael Ware did a fantastic job hosting Pakistan's Vital Vote special. The show was very informative with his interviews in Pakistan and also with Peter Bergen. Let's hope all goes well for the people of Pakistan on the 18th!
Loved the Jamie McIntyre clip especially the part where he shows us how to link up a Mac for global broadcasting! LOL
Ok, I'm a geek!

Delie said...

"Fox and friend"! Lol!

Pakistan's vital vote was a great program. I can't wait to see the coverage of the elections tomorrow!

Sapphire said...

oh Micheal Ware how I have missed you....same goes for Peter Bergen!
Thank you for the clip

Jamie...I am so glad you put that flak jacket on!

jodi54 said...

Good to have Michael Ware back on screen again.

His special was very informative and well done. I can't believe this isn't getting more attention on CNN domestic! The Pakistani elections are important in their own right, but also, now, very important to America.

Since it is imminent, why is there no major focus on it by our candidates and by CNN domestic? Does anyone have a clue?