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Sunday, February 10, 2008

And The Gold Medal Goes To...

Earlier this month, CNN won several awards at the 2008 New York Festivals Television Broadcasting Awards.

Gold World Medal

  • “A/C 360: Afganistan The Unfinished War”, Best Newscast
  • “Broken Government Jack Cafferty”, National/International Affairs
  • “CNN Presents: Shoot To Kill”, Best Investigative Report (Longform)
  • “God’s Warriors”, Best News Documentary/Special
  • “Mississippi Jail”, Inserts: Investigative Report

Silver World Medal
  • “A/C 360: Ambush At The River Of Secrets”, On-Going News Story Coverage (Longform)
  • “Larry King Live 50yrs Of Pop Culture”, Variety Special
    “M.I.S.T”, Inserts: Investigative Report
  • “Politics From The Heartland”, Best Investigative Report (Longform)

Bronze World Medal
  • “A/C 360 Anvil Of God”, On-Going News Story Coverage (Longform)
  • “CNN Presents: After Jesus-The Frist Christmas”, Religious Programs
  • “CNN Presents: Gods Warriors”, Mini-Series
  • “Depleted Uranium Radioactive Dust”, Inserts: Investigative Report
  • “SIU: Month Of Mayhem”, National/International Affairs

Finalist Certificate
  • “A/C 360: 24 Hours In Chicago”, Social Issues/Current Events
  • “A/C 360: The Killing Fields”, National/International Affairs
  • “Interview with The Beatles”, Talk/Interview
  • “Investigation Of The Death Of Pat Tillman”, Inserts: Investigative Report
  • “SIU: Dealthsquads”, National/International Affairs
  • “SIU: Grady’s Anatomy”, Health/Medical Info
    “Siu: Growing Up Diana”, Biography/Profiles
  • “SIU: James Brown. Say It Proud”, Biography/Profiles“Youssif’s Story”, Inserts: Human Interest

The full list of winners is available here.

Evidently, no one told Jack Cafferty about the award. Here's the discussion from Friday's The Situation Room about the gold medal.


Mystery Journalist

This week's Mystery Journalist was Susan Roesgen.

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Anonymous said...

Susan is a good solid journalist. Her reports
are always informative.

Peter said...

I adore Susan Roesgen. She is classy, she has a heartfelt way of writing and explaining a story. She is a very real person, she has soul, she is absolutely stunning to look at and has earned every accolade she gets. She has worked her way up through the ranks of reporting, anchoring and correspondence. Living in Canada, I'll likely never meet her, but, wow, a guy like me would be so lucky to share dinner with such a beautiful, talented lady. What stories she would have to tell.