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Thursday, February 28, 2008

CNN Heroes and Jeanne Moos

CNN Heroes Looking For a New Batch of Heroes

Last year CNN set out to look for people that they could honor in a special ceremony they called CNN Heroes. After a successful campaign with over 8000 nominees CNN is doing it all over again.
CNN has opened the nomination field this year to include the following 7 categories.
* Championing Children
* Community Crusaders
* Defending the Planet
* Everyday Superhero
* Medical Marvel
* Protecting the Powerless
* Young Wonders (21 or under)

If you know a person or group that you believe is deserving of some recognition for the hard work they do, you can nominate them by following the link. Once there just click on the nomination form and fill in as needed. No date or host information for the 2008 CNN Heroes ceremony has been announced yet but as soon as we have some details, we will let you know.

Alissa Krinsky of TVNewser recently did 5 questions with Jeanne Moos. I personally am a huge fan of Jeanne’s segment “Moos Unusual” so I thought I would share this article with everyone
5 Questions For...Jeanne Moos
Alissa KrinskyTVNewser Contributor

1. TVNewser: Of all my stories, the one that got the biggest viewer response was:

Moos: Gay penguins? Two-headed turtle? Three-legged pantyhose? It's all a blur.Actually, the stories that get the most response are the ones that make people mad. It's impossible to do humor without offending SOMEONE. And when I occasionally do something serious (for instance, a recent piece on how reporters demonstrate water boarding on themselves), people get upset because they think I'm being funny when I'm not. They miss the missing joke.

2. TVNewser: As a former hard news reporter, when big stories break, I feel...

Moos: Irrelevant.Itchy to get past the big news so I can get back on the air.Relieved it's not me out there doing live shot after live shot.Though these days I AM covering the biggest news story of the year. I'm more or less a video columnist covering the Presidential race. A media blog once called me "CNN's commenterista"...a title I liked a lot, though I'm not sure what it means.
3. TVNewser: My most adrenaline-pumping moment while on assignment:

Moos: My most adrenaline-pumping moment involved a cranky circus hippo famed for her excess slobber. Would you like to see the video (from 1997)?
4. TVNewser: The secret to continually coming up with pun-filled witticisms for my stories is...

Moos: Screening every frame of tape. As long as I'm not at a loss for pictures, I'm not at a loss for words.I like to bounce my story ideas off the girls in the makeup room while they plaster me with makeup.

5. TVNewser: Ten years from now, I'd like to be...

Moos: Alive.And kicking...maybe kicking the last block of whatever the hottest news magazine show is 10 years from now.

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1 comment:

monitor said...

Jeanne Moos provides some of the best clips on CNN! With AC and Erica Hill, Moos rounds up the triumvirate of my favorite reporters. But I also like Richard Quest, although I've only seen a few clips of his work on And I find TJ Holmes pretty talented. But I digress...