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Friday, February 8, 2008

Prime News

Get ready for an all new "Prime News" starting on Monday. Richelle Carey talked about the new program in Friday's Prime News on Headline News newsletter.

Things are about to change here on "Prime News," but more on that a little ways down. First, a look at what's ahead today.


We're about to shake things up on "Prime News," too. You might've noticed it's been a few weeks since Erica Hill left. Well starting Monday, Mike Galanos and I will be making over this show. The powerful stories, emotional interviews and controversial headlines won't be going anywhere. But we'll be bringing them to you in a whole new way. Think "Prime News" with attitude.

So tune in tonight for the end of "Prime News" as you know it and come back Monday when we roll up our sleeves and get to the point!

See you at 5pm ET,


Ready for more election results? Saturday night CNN will be on live with primary elections results from Louisiana (Democrats & Republicans), Washington (Democrats), Nebraska (Democrats), and Kansas (Republicans).

The night starts off with Tom Foreman at 7 PM ET with "This Week in Politics".

Then Wolf Blitzer will anchor from the CNN Election Center starting at 8 PM ET.

And now for a moment with Jack Cafferty.... these are few clips from Super Tuesday...

If you are interested in reading Wolf's blog... check it out at:


Mystery Journalist

Can you name this CNN journalist?

Let us know who you think it is and we'll reveal this journalist's identity in Sunday's post.

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Anonymous said...

That must be Heidi Collins.

Sapphire said...

I have to say I havve been a bad Prime News watcher. I have not watched nearly as much since Erica life. I will have to check it out on Monday to see Richelle and Mike for the Prime News with attitude.

My guess for the mystery journalist is Susan Roesgen

Millie said...

I also agree, that must be Susan Roesgen, because you can see the streak of blond hair near the side of the head. She has those distinctive highlights framing her face.

Cristina said...

Richelle Carey is great, as is all the Headline news anchors, in my opinion (save for Beck and Grace, not so much). I haven't been seeing a lot of Erica in Anderson Cooper 360, then again, I usually just tune in to the first five or so minutes.

Anonymous said...

Have you considered reportiong any positive or happy news?

Anonymous said...

Anonynous said, I was watching tonight about the young man that was bulled at school. I'm 59 yrs.old woman, that was date raped at the age of l6, my first date. He was captain of football team, and while I was recovering at home,not telling my mother. I was very ill after the rape. He was telling everyone that I willing let him rape me, and after that the rest of my High school days were terrible, all the kiddings,or saying bad things, and horrassing me, wouldn't that be considered bulling? I suffered in silence, and I didn't tell anyone. Has anyone else had that kind of experience?