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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Award time

Last night, the winners of the 74th Annual National Headliners Awards were announced, with CNN named in several categories within the Broadcast division. The awards are presented by the Press Club of Atlantic City, and will be handed out at a banquet event on May 17th.

Best Newscast
Second Place: CNN
“Anderson Cooper 360: Bhutto Assassination, Day 2 – 12/28/07”

Coverage of a Major News Event
First Place: CNN
“Special Investigations Unit: Death Squads”
Second Place: CNN
“Special Investigations Unit: Road to Ruin”
Third Place: CNN
“Special Investigations Unit: Judgment in Jena”

Continuing Coverage of a Major News Event
First Place: CNN
“Anderson Cooper 360: Michael Ware 2007 Coverage of Iraq”
Third Place: CNN
“Special Investigations Unit: The War Within”

Documentary or Series of Reports
Second Place: CNN
“CNN Presents: God’s Warriors”
Third Place: CNN
“Special Investigations Unit: Children of the Storm”

Investigative Reporting
Third Place: CNN
“Anderson Cooper 360: Keeping Them Honest: Transparent Congress?”

Business and Consumer Reporting
Third Place: CNN
“Borrower Beware: Tax Refund Anticipation Loans”

Health/Science Reporting
First Place: CNN
“Special Investigations Unit: Chasing Life”
Second Place: CNN
“Special Investigations Unit: Grady’s Anatomy”

Environmental Reporting
First Place: CNN
“Planet in Peril”

Click here to see a full list of the winners in every category.

Congratulations to CNN and all the winners!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Two upcoming events for Baghdad correspondent Michael Ware. He was announced last night as a guest on the next "Real Time with Bill Maher," airing March 21st (not sure yet whether this will be a satellite interview as his prior appearance on the show was) and he will also be speaking at an event in DC on April 2nd, as part of a special series about the Iraq war being presented by the think-tank Center for American Progress. Full details on the series can be found here.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Miles O'Brien visited the Grand Canyon to report on an experiment currently underway there -- one that environmentalists say doesn't go far enough to undo the damage caused by damming the river 45 years ago:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Where in the World...?

Saturday, Suzanne Malveaux was at a Clinton rally in Dallas; Ali Velshi was still riding the bus in Seguin, Texas; John King was in Cincinnati; Candy Crowley was in Mansfield, Ohio; and Dana Bash was in Sedona, Arizona for the McCain barbeque.

Sunday Ali reported in from both Greune and Junction, Texas; Wolf Blitzer hosted Late Edition from Miami, John King was in Boston; Candy in Cleveland; and Aneesh Raman reported from Tehran.

On Monday, Suzanne was in Dallas, Candy in Columbus, and Ali went to Bandera, Texas. Tuesday, Alino Cho filled in for Kiran Chetry; Suzanne was in Austin, Texas; Wolf was in NYC for the primary coverage; and Dana Bash was at McCain HQ in Dallas.

Wednesday, Dana was at the White House to cover the president's endorsement of McCain; and Campbell Brown hosted Election Center. Thursday Suzanne hosted Election Center; Dana was in Atlanta.

Friday we had John Roberts in DC for American Morning and also hosting Election Center from there; Rick Sanchez (above) was in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; and Soledad O'Brien hosted AC360. 

Also, I forgot to note down which day, but Ali is safely back in NY and back to his usual dapper self. (Not that the cowboy look wasn't impressive, but you know that nobody works the three-piece suit quite like Ali!)

That's a wrap for this week; enjoy your weekend!

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MWmcFan said...

Congrats to all the CNN National Headliner Award winners!
Looking forward to seeing Michael Ware on Bill Maher’s show. Wish I could attend Michael’s talk on Iraq in DC – guess I’ll have to settle for the podcast.
Informative environmental piece Miles O’Brien did about the Colorado River. Thanks for the clip Cyn, great post.

Anonymous said...

That is great news for everyone at CNN . It is
great to see good solid journalism rewarded.

jodi54 said...

Congratulations CNN on all the awards and all the hard work. Special kudos to Michael Ware and his team who have worked under the most stressful circumstances to bring us the truth.

Thanks Cyn! You're always first to find the salient news!

anne said...

Congrats to all the winners at the Annual National Headliners Awards.

I was so glad to see PIP was a winner.
Is this awards event going to be televised by any chance?

I think Miles O Brien would make a great addition to PIP part 2.I enjoy seeing him.

My goodness,I get tired just READING your Where In The World..? posts,how on earth do all the CNN folks keep going like that?Amazing schedules to keep up with!

Sapphire said...

Congratulations to Anderson Cooper, John Roberts, Michael Ware, Kyra Phillips, Christiane Amanpour, Soledad O'Brien, Sanjay Gupta and everyone else who worked behind the scenes to bring us such great reports. CNN truly is the best!!!!