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Monday, March 31, 2008

End-of-March Madness

Well, my hate-affair with Blogger continues, so once again it's PhotoBucket to the rescue... Just a few clips for you today, it's Monday and everyone is crazy busy. But here are a few of the things that caught my eye this week...

Nic Robertson is currently manning the Baghdad bureau and filed this report yesterday from my favorite rooftop:

(Of course, while I was wrestling with my uploads, Nic has reported that a ceasefire was brokered over the weekend... in Iran. This is seriously not good news for us, although at least it has stopped the current bloodshed.)

Last Thursday, there was a Planet in Peril piece shown on AC360 about sharks. John Zarella reports on a project to figure out why there are so few of them out there waiting to eat us -- I mean, out there spawning and doing the whole circle-of-life thing. There is also an interesting view of Anderson Cooper's little (and I do mean little!) corner of the LA studio:

Finally, you can always count on Tom Foreman for some lighter moments... a special tribute to Bill Schneider that ran during This Week in Politics over the weekend. At least, I think it's a tribute...:

And Capitol Domes. With the median age moving up as the baby Boomers age, it's not surprising that bald has been declared the new beautiful. Well, Ali always makes it look good. (Warning: earworm ahead.)

That's it for me today -- enjoy your week, and I'll be back Saturday!

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J in LA said...

Cyn - even with today's news, it's pretty clear who is in charge of the Shia - Mr. Sadr - and as the New York Times said, "immediate cease fire orders obeyed were seen as a serious blow for Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki."
I had a bad feeling about this, and now we know the Iraqi government had to give in to negotiation demands by this militant cleric. So how does the US ever get out of there when the militants are in charge?
J in LA

BookAsylum said...

Cyn- thanks for the clips- although everytime I hear the song Hair I think of Scott Hamilton. LOL

I'm ready for them to shelve This Week In Politics and bring back This Week At War. I really thought with the recent activities in Iraq that it would have returned.

Anonymous said...

I think CNN should do a live version of this
week in politics on Saturday. It is really a
cool show. Maybe at some point when the
politics dies down they can rename the
show "This Week In Everything With
Tom Foreman. " I think he could really
pull this off.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I am having trouble sleeping and stumbled
across something very interesting. Apparently
ICN is back. I must say I never thought I would
miss Spud but TV Newser is just not very good
these days.