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Monday, March 17, 2008

Green day, red ink

CNN Launches Issue #1, Ongoing Initiative Focusing on Top Election Issue: The Economy

As part of CNN’s record-breaking election coverage, the network will draw upon resources throughout CNN Worldwide to bring viewers in-depth coverage of the single issue that matters most to them: the economy. The ongoing initiative, titled Issue #1 and reported by the CNN Money Team comprised of the premier financial reporters, experts and analysts from CNN/U.S. and, will provide substantive coverage of the financial challenges facing Americans today.

Issue #1 will kick off today with a week of programming from noon to 1 p.m. (ET) and special reports throughout the day that will offer CNN viewers helpful advice about their jobs, savings, debt and homes. This week’s special programming will be anchored by Ali Velshi, CNN’s senior business correspondent and host of Your $$$$$, Gerri Willis, anchor of Open House and personal finance editor for CNN, and the CNN Money Team.

“Just as CNN has vigorously covered all aspects of this primary season, we will marshal our resources behind the most critical election issue by many accounts: the economy,” said Jon Klein, president of CNN/U.S. “Americans today have deep concerns about the financial security of their families, and we want to provide real solutions and the relevant information they need as they engage in this election.”

According to CNN polls, Americans consider the economy to be the most important issue affecting their lives today. To that end, Velshi, Willis and other experts will report on what consumers can do to plan for their financial security. In addition,, starting today, will provide online resources including video and interactive tools at to complement the series.

On air, Issue #1 will include a look into homeless campgrounds in San Bernadino County, Calif., a county experiencing a surge in families displaced from their homes and having nowhere else to go. The program also explores the special financial challenges military families face especially as the country approaches the fifth anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq.

Issue #1 also will investigate the reason for escalating cost of goods, how Federal Reserve decisions affect Americans the financial condition of Americans, why environment-friendly jobs sometimes called “green-collar jobs” could be among the fastest-growing segments of the job market over the next 10 years; and how high gas prices could go.

Online, will offer coverage focusing on the economy, jobs, real estate, gas and personal investment; select video from CNN’s on-air coverage; an interactive element that allows users to explore bear markets in the United States over the last 50 years; and daily polls tied to American attitudes about the slowing economy.

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John King is in Baghdad, following the McCain Congressional visit (NOT a campaign trip, as John made clear, so he is not traveling with McCain, just "chasing" him throughout the trip through the MiddleEast and Europe.)

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This week's All Access podcast features NewsRoom anchor Kyra Phillips giving a tour of the Baghdad bureau:

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Finally, yesterday Cal Perry showed off the latest tourist t-shirt now available for purchase in Atlanta:

Enjoy your green beer!

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monitor said...

Wow, I hardly even think about all that effort the news organizations put into covering events like Iraq. Thanks for the upload!

Anonymous said...

Like the new look you guys are so awesome.
Can you say perfect timing ? I am wondering
if someone at CNN got a tip about Bear Stearns.

Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot have you guys seen the new
360 promo it ran on Monday during Larry
King. Also it seems there is something
new with the 360 that matches the
new promo. Pretty cool indeed. Do you
guys know if Anderson and Team CNN
will be live from Iraq for 360 on Wednesday
since Soledad was anchoring on Monday.

Anonymous said...

I hope CNN does something really different
tonight making 360 live for 2 hours. For
the second hour I hope that Team 360 will
replay the Obama speech in full for 45 minutes
and let the viewers comments on a live blog
at 11 pm run live long with the speech.
Let's see what viewers say in edition to
the talking heads. Since this issues of
race have been covered in depth on AC 360
I think this is a golden opportunity for CNN.
Or even during 3 hours of the Sit Room
with Wolf. I like the way 360 actually has
a smart conversation about the issues.
Of course the comments that seem true
and not some people with agendas trying
to stir up trouble.