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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Issues, Pizza, Dancing, & Friends

Issue #1 is the economy. Issue #1 starts... IF you've been watching CNN US at noon ET this past week, you've seen Issue #1 which is zeroing in on how the economic slow down and credit/ financial institution failure will impact your wallet. Here’s a clip from the opening of Monday’s program:

This week, the program included a mixture of stories about the impact of the financial crises on individuals’ as well expert analysis and a panel of experts in the studio to answer viewer questions.

There were reports from: Bill Schneider, Dan Simon, Barbara Starr, Allan Chernoff, Kate Bouldan, Jessica Yellin, ElaineQuijano, Greg Hunter, Ed Henry, Suzanne Malveaux, Thelma Gutierrez, Melissa Long, Poppy Harlow, and TJ Holmes to name a few.

Dan Simon reported about the next gold rush. To see the report click here.

Wednesday's program even included lunch. Pizza was used as an economic indicator, since prices are expected to rise along with the rising cost of wheat. Ali Velshi got to enjoy a slice while Allan Chernoff's report aired.

Time for some TV math- if CNN = Politics and CNN = Money, does Politics = Money?

I don’t think Wolf Blitzer can dance. That’s the theory that I’ve come up with. Why else has he not taken Ellen up on her offer to come on her show? It has to be the dancing. Ok, so he is on the air for 17+ hours a week for CNN (and that doesn’t include the analysis that he does during other folks time slots, the election coverage or subbing for other anchors) and he has had those debates to prepare for… but… there had to have to have been time at some point. He was even in the right city….one of the debates took him to LA! Why have I brought this up again? Ellen got tired of waiting for Wolf and decided that Chris Matthews would do. His dancing swept Ellen off her feet! Here’s a clip of the preview & the of course the dancing…

Anyone want to be friends with Howard Kurtz? MediaBistro's FishbowlDC had this interesting article about Kurtz's friends:

Howard Kurtz added 26 Facebook friends this week, bringing his total to 1,302. His actual total is apparently 1,365 but due to various privacy settings only 1,302 appear on his list. For what it's worth.

He also had two status updates this week, which included:

Howard is wondering how many more girlfriends David Paterson has and where he finds the time.

Howard is wondering how many more pictures of Ashley are out there and how rich she's going to get from doing the guv.

If you'd like to add Howard as a friend, click here.

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