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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Most ... in the Morning

CNN’s American Morning on Monday may have gone from the Most News in the Morning to the Most Factoids in the Morning. Throughout the program, John Roberts (aka google john), Ali Velshi, and Rob Marciano were adding in extraneous bits of information. I’ve put together several snippets from the exchanges:

In addition to the extraneous information, the clip includes part of an interview that Ali Velshi did with Michael Quincy. I’ve always wondered why you should or shouldn’t use premium gas in your car.

At the beginning of the video clip, John Roberts was talking about an interview that he was doing on Monday with Congressman Ron Paul. Dr. Paul has a new book that was just released. I don’t necessarily agree with Dr. Paul’s views, but the interview was fascinating. I would have liked to have heard what other questions John Roberts had for Dr. Paul. The full interview has been posted on

I always end up coming back to politics, even after this hyper primary season we've been having. Unfortunately, if you think that once the Democrats have decided who their nominee is going to be that things are going to quiet down, think again! The Democratic National Committee has started running ads against John McCain and the Republican National Committee wants CNN to not run the latest ad. A TVWeek article had this response from CNN: A CNN spokesman said the network had received the RNC's letter and planned to air the ad beginning Tuesday. The TVWeek article also has a link to the ad in question and CNN showed the ad on Monday while talking with DNC Chairman Howard Dean. What do you think? Is there a difference between running a political ad and running an advertisement for a competing news network? (I've seen ads for FOX while watching CNN- it happens.)

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Anonymous said...

American Morning is up for a
daytime Emmy.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me ? There seems to be a more
relaxed atmosphere at AM since Kyra
has been filling in.

Sapphire said...

Oh BA that clip was fantastic. I love the AM boys.....they usually keep me laughing for sure