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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Raw Politics

What won't Senators Clinton, McCain, and Obama do in order to boost their chances of becoming President? I just couldn't believe the news on Monday that all three of them were appearing on WWE Raw. Here's a clip of Wolf Blitzer in The Situation Room Monday afternoon discussing the appearance:

I don't have anything against professional wrestling, but I do find the idea of campaigning on WWE just a bit bizarre.

It wasn't that long ago that CNN aired a Special Investigations Unit program on professional wrestling. Remember Drew Griffin's reporting in Death Grip: Inside Pro Wrestling? He interviewed WWE Chairman Vince McMahon:

For more information, Drew Griffin talked about his interview with Vince McMahon with Pro Wrestling Blog v2.0..

Another item that I fit into the bizarre category on Monday: CNN has a new conservative commentator.... Tony Snow. I had never heard of Tony Snow prior to him becoming the president's press secretary in 2006. Finding out that Fox News was on his resume didn't impress me much. I'm curious to see how CNN fits him into the Best Political Team on Television. Here are a few blurbs from the CNN Press Release:

“In the White House, Tony brought a remarkably human touch to the discussion of public policy, which he will continue to do as part of the Best Political Team on Television,” Klein said. “He will contribute a unique breadth of political and journalistic expertise to what is already the most provocative and wide-ranging political analysis on the air.”

“I’m delighted to be able to join CNN during the most exciting and unpredictable political year in memory,” Snow said. “The big challenge in 2008 is to develop deep, creative and aggressive analysis of both political parties, their candidates and campaigns. I’m eager to get started, since this race is sure to shape American politics for years to come.”

An additional note on Snow, the AP has reported that he cancelled a speaking engagement today and was admitted to the hospital for exhaustion. Hopefully, he'll have a speedy recovery.

Let me throw in one last item to tonight's ode to the bizarre. What do all these statements have in common?

  • iReporter films mysterious lights in sky
  • Baby falls 20 feet onto postal worker
  • Blind man grabs, pummels intruder
  • Rep calls workers 'illiterate peasants'
  • Russian missile obliterates spy plan
  • Pacing man stuck 41 hours in elevator
  • Synchronized swimmers faint in unison
  • Citizen tickets cop for $540 violation
  • Mom delivers her own baby at 80 mph
  • Drinking, movies lead to FLDS exile

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Anonymous said...

The tee shirt is a cool idea.

Anonymous said...

I totally disagree with the previous post. I think the t/shirt idea is ridiculous and crass. It takes advantage and exploites the hardship of others for profit. It has gotten mixed reviews.

Phebe said...

I'm not so sure about the tee shirts, I think they could lead to some tasteless fashion statements.