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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Route 2008 & Compassion Forum

The programming on CNN this weekend was once again politics driven. Yes, Ballot Bowl and This Week in Politics continued, but we also saw John King take a closer look at Pennsylvania politics on Route 2008.

Here are just a few highlights from both Saturday and Sunday’s Route 2008:

Did John King take the magic wall with him on his trip across PA? John worked his magic with breaking down the demographics of the voters in Pennsylvania. I can’t tell whether this was done in the New York Election Center or not.

Here’s are two clips from the programs that showed where John had been last week.

They traveled over 1900 miles last week criss crossing the state. (I wouldn't want that fuel bill!) Some of the students seen behind John in the second clip were having fun being on live TV. One was even seen later in the broadcast holding a Ron Paul 2008 campaign sign.

It does seem like we’ve had several ground hog days this election cycle. Doesn't it seem like with each passing primary or caucus, we're told six more weeks....?

There was an interview with a super delegate supporting each of the democrat candidates: Tom Daschle (Obama) and Ed Rendell (Clinton). The discussion with each focused heavily on Sen. Obama's comments about "bitter" voters. John King wasn't letting either of them get around addressing how their candidate has responded.

Of course, members of the Best Political Team on Television provided insight, reports, and analysis.

Sunday night also brought the Compassion Forum. CNN’s Campbell Brown and Newsweek’s Jon Meacham had a discussion with Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama about the role of faith in politics. The 90 minute program was NOT a debate, but questions present to each candidate individually. The format gave the candidates the opportunity to get beyond their stump speeches. Sen. McCain was invited to join the forum, but he declined the invitation due to a "scheduling conflict."

The forum produced an interesting disucssion, but I'm not sure that I heard anything tonight that would sway me one way or the other between the two candidates. There just didn't seem to be any AH-Ha moments.

What's next on CNN? Well, we were given the indication that this would not be the last Compassion Forum. Also, there was a very brief commercial for CNN's League of First Time Voters... we'll have to wait and see what that will be.

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