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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Thriller at American Morning

A few clips tonight for your enjoyment. The first is from This Week In Politics. Mike Luckovich is an editorial cartoonist and unlike some people who can’t wait for the primary season to end, he’s enjoying all of the material that the three presidential candidates have been providing him.

On American Morning, Lola Ogunnaike did a story on the anniversary of the Thriller video and was showing off some of the moves that she learned. Kyra Phillips did her best to get John Roberts to join in, but he was claiming that he was just Mr. Boring Old News Guy.

Finally, TJ Holmes did a report for Issue #1 about grocery shopping. At the end of the clip, Gerri Willis and Ali Velshi decided to have a little bit of fun discussing TJ’s shopping habits.

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Sapphire said...

Oh my goodness TJ Holmes is too cute. I would cook for him anytime or go out to restaurants too :)

I would have loved to see JR do some Thriller moves. He is not just an old boring news guy but Phil was awesome.

The political cartoons are really cool!

Phebe said...

Boring old news guy? Hardly.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Thriller clip. Kyra is
being her usual self in the mornings.
She seems to change the studio mood.

BookAsylum said...

I'm enjoying watching Kyra on AM. I rarely get to see too much of Newsroom in the afternoon. I think she fits right in with the AM regulars.