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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wolf Meets The Pope and Ratings

Today during Situation Room Wolf Blitzer spoke with John King about just meeting with Pope Benedict XVI. It is nice to know that Pope Benedict watches CNN like all of us.

Wolf was also joined by Delia Gallagher to discuss the breaking news of Pope Benedict meeting with some of the victims of the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal. It is really unfortunate that we only get to see Delia when it concerns the Pope but she look fabulous and it has been great seeing her. A commentor a few weeks ago when I posted about Delia's birthday asked where Delia has been so I hope you have enjoyed the last few days having her back on CNN.


Can I say the “dog days” of April? You would have to with this past week’s audience performances. Even out of primetime programs are in full malaise with audiences – David Gregory was off from the previous week and HARDBALL is off. In primetime, COUNTDOWN’S rebroadcast at 10PM is down in the dumps, Billo had desertion for most of the week at 11PM in comparison to weeks prior, and 8PM was nothing for him to write home about either. Is the same for CNN? Well, all three programs in primetime have witnessed growth from the week before. Whether or not they are substantial, at least they are up.

Fox News: 460,000
CNN: 201,000*
MSNBC: 315,000

Campbell Brown did double duty for most of the week, anchoring her program at 8PM and subbing for four days for Anderson Cooper at 10PM. Her 8PM numbers are up nicely over the week prior – 34,000 Adults 25-54, but her program is a four day average - it did not air (DNA) on Friday. Billo’s audience was flat with the week prior but once again, audience eroded in the time period over the week and really fell on Friday (321,000). COUNTDOWN was also down for the week also witnessing a weak Friday.

Fox News: 371,000
CNN: 307,000
MSNBC: 154,000*

Fox is down, Larry is up and MSNBC is down. Is there a pattern here? Not really, just typical tune-in, tune-out viewership in a month of little news activity. LKL’s strongest nights were Monday – Wednesday with typical erosion on Friday like every channel except MSNBC. Dan Abrams was ‘way off of his week prior, and he only aired 4 nights. A special documentary and then discussion at 10PM aired on MSNBC – and it was a powerful doc – “Meeting David Wilson.”


Fox News: 285,000
CNN: 264,000
MSNBC: 179,000*

10PM is down for Fox News, CNN is up slightly and MSNBC is flat with the week prior. GRETA barely hit 300,000 and only on one day of the week. Anderson Cooper had subs of Campbell Brown and Erica Hill at 10PM for the five days, and MSNBC’s COUNTDOWN repeat was a four day average with Friday being devoted to a Brian Williams led discussion of the documentary on race. MSNBC has used NBC network news personnel on a regular basis, and I have to say, it definitely attracts audiences. MSNBC with 299,000 took the 10PM time period on Friday even though for the week they were third. GRETA barely squeaked out a win against 360 by only 21,000 viewers. AC360 beat GRETA on three nights (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday) so it was a close contest.

*4 Day Average; program did not air (DNA) Friday.
^Courtesy Nielsen Media Research; Adults 25-54 Live + Same Day (LS); Fast Track Nationals.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If David Doss comes of with a good program
for Campbell. I think things could improve for
CNN for the 8pm hour. I have always felt that
the only person who has a loyal audience for
the hour is BOR. I think if it is less talk for
the hour and more news involved in the 8pm
hour that would be a good thing for CNN.
Somebody needs to offer something different
for the hour. CNN has viewers watching 3 hours
of a talk and opinion from 7-10pm. I understand
that for Larry KIng but for 7 & 8 pm it is just
no working for me.