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Monday, May 19, 2008

Express yourself

If you caught former candidate Mike Huckabee's foolish attempt at humor during the NRA convention, you'll appreciate Jack Cafferty's reaction to it. Jeffrey Toobin makes a game attempt at defense (of the blunder, not the comment itself) but...

(Lou Dobbs later said that both Jack and Jeffrey were right. That may be the first time I've agreed with Lou since his new pitbull demeanor was unveiled...)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

One thing there is no shortage of during an election year is opinions. One issue that has been widely discussed on the Democratic side is having Obama and Clinton team up on the November ticket. It's something I have been strongly against for several reasons, but on Tuesday's Situation Room, Wolf Blitzer spoke with former New York State Governor Mario Cuomo, who demolished all the arguments currently making the rounds:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There are ways to express yourself, and then there is just plain old ignorance and stupidity... Early last week, an American soldier used a copy of the Holy Quran for target practice at a shooting range in Baghdad. Not on an American base, mind you... at an Iraqi police station. The desecrated Quran was recovered by a member of one of the Sunni militias that are currently allied with us, and the very tentative alliance our troops have cobbled together with the former insurgency nearly blew apart again.

Saturday, an apology ceremony was convened by the top brass. Michael Ware wrote up a "Behind the Scenes" article for describing the events, and the next day he appeared on CNN Sunday Morning to explain the situation further:

The situation has still not completely calmed down, and Wolf spoke with Michael this afternoon for a recap/update:

(Personally, I would be very surprised if this doesn't have a lot of repercussions, although most of them may be outside of Iraq itself. This is far, far worse than the Danish cartoon controversy, as far as I can tell.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Finally, General Russel Honore (Ret.) visited the NewsRoom last week to urge people to prepare for emergencies. Visit the Red Cross's website to learn more...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

That's it for me today. Enjoy your week, and if you can afford to travel for the holiday next weekend, be careful and have fun!

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Anonymous said...

I do not know why the CNN brass did not give
Jack Cafferty a show of his own. Have you guys
seen the new 360 promo? My guess is CNN
is working on a new look for its programs
in prime time. The look is very hip.

Maybe they will update their graphics and
banners as well. I wish they would really
build a new set in Atlanta.

I have always wondered why CNN does
not use more movie techniques in their
news programs. Presentation and production
are key. And please bring back the cool bump
music for all of their shows beginning with
American Morning all of the way through
360. There is time lapse and all of the cool
stories and pics that CNN get on a daily
basis. It would be also great if they could
have those banners like they do on
that counts down to 5 seconds before the
next story and run a mixture of stories
through out the day or a rundown of the
stories coming up next in 2 nimutes in 5
minutes or 10 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Since MSNBC and FNC are investing so much
into talk and opinion maybe CNN can be
relief for news viewers. More information.
CNN has a news machine that is unmatched.

Anonymous said...

CNN better really do something radical.
Bloggers are really angry at CNN. There
are many saying CNN is the same at FNC
because they are letting Republican pundits
put out so much misinformation that they
are losing credibility, and that is just the
Huffington Post. Asking viewers to sit
through 3 hours of talk and more talk
from Lou Dobbs, Campbell Brown and
Larry King means CNN has forgotten
about it's viewers. There seems to be
a sentiment that CNN is mirroring FNC
lately. There are many times when
Campbell's program seems like a McCain
lovefest with talk of how great things are
going for McCain with loads of bashing
for the Democrats. Considering that
the race is still going on with the Democrats,
why would anyone tune in for news about
John McCain ?