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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Green Day

HBO has a movie premiering Sunday night about the 2000 Florida recount and subsequent Supreme Court ruling that gave us the current Bush presidency. The movie, Recount, is largely based on Jeffrey Toobin's book Too Close to Call and stars Kevin Spacey. On Thursday, Kevin and Jeffrey were on Charlie Rose's program to discuss the movie, you can watch that program here. And on Friday during The Situation Room, Wolf showed an interview he recorded with Kevin while in NYC:

(Jeffrey was also a guest on Bill Moyers' Journal last night, speaking not about the movie but about a column he wrote this week for The New Yorker magazine about the types of judges that John McCain would likely appoint to the Supreme Court. That interview -- and it should be must-see-TV for anyone considering a vote for McCain -- can be seen here.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So last week there was this race between Jamie McIntyre (in his car), Zain Verjee (riding the Metro), and Tom Foreman (on his bike) to see who could get to the DC bureau first. Phebe posted the clip of the race itself over on ATA, but after the clip played throughout the morning, they did some interviews with the participants. First up, John Roberts and Kyra Phillips talk to Zain Verjee:

During Issue #1, Ali Velshi spoke with all three of them -- Zain doing her Best Impression of a Presidential Candidate, Tom doing his Best Impression of a 3-Year-Old Whose Mommy is Trying to Talk on the Phone, and Jamie just trying not to get run over! (But Jamie still gets the style points for his Best Impression of a '70s Private Eye Leaping Into His Convertible!)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Wednesday on Issue #1, Allan Chernoff did a piece on those oil company commercials that tout how environmentally friendly they are... just how green is Big Oil, really? (Are you at all surprised that the answer is "Not very"?)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Miles O'Brien had a piece on CNN Saturday Morning today about the Mars vehicle that will hopefully land safely on the red planet tomorrow. (CNN will have Miles covering the landing live at 7pmET.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Where in the World...?

Sunday, Suzanne Malveaux was in Frankfort, Kentucky. Monday, Candy Crowley was in Lexington, Kentucky; Dana Bash was in DC.

Tuesday, Suzanne was in Des Moines, Iowa; Candy was in Louisville, Kentucky; Wolf Blitzer was in NYC for the primary coverage. Wednesday, Candy was in Coral Gables, Florida; Dana was in North Bend, Washington.

Thursday, Candy was in DC; Anderson Cooper hosted AC360 from DC; Sanjay Gupta was in Phoenix, Arizona.

Nobody was anywhere on Friday... guess they all took off for the long weekend! But on Saturday, Suzanne was on from San Juan, Puerto Rico (above) -- she got the Hawaii primary, she got the Puerto Rico primary... nice job if you can get it!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On Monday, CNN will re-air the AC360 special "Shock and Awe: 5 Years Later" at 5pmET. If you missed this when it aired in March, be sure to set your DVR. It is an incredible look at the war in Iraq through the eyes of the CNN reporters who have covered the story.

I hope everyone has a very peaceful and safe Memorial Day weekend. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the men and women serving in the Armed Forces, their loved ones back home, and those who served and gave their lives in past wars, conflicts, and during times of peace.

Also, our happiest of wishes go out to John King and Dana Bash today!

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J in LA said...

Ecellent post Cyn. I'm really looking forward to RECOUNT on HBO tonight.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the Green story on
AM. I hope CNN does more stuff like
this. I was just on your sister blog
ATA and saw the classic Nth degree
segments. Om Thursday there was
a segment that reminded me of Nth
degree. I was when Anderson was talking
about someone in the McCain campaign
quitting because he originally said that
if Obama was the nominee he would not
campaign against him.