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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Miles O'Brien and Congratulations to Lou Dobbs

Quite often we hear from readers asking what Miles O'Brien is doing these days. It's usually followed by a round of 'I miss Miles' comments. CNN has been keeping the male half of the O'Brien twins pretty busy lately. Here's some of his recent work.
Miles filed this report on Levittown going green that aired on Wednesday's American Morning:

On Memorial Day Miles did the big space story of the week for American Morning. Here is his report on the Phoenix Mars landing (thanks to Sapphire for the clip).

Last week AC360 aired a Planet in Peril segment with Miles reporting on the endangered swamplands in Louisiana (thanks to Cyn for the clip).

Here are a few more Miles O'Brien segments that CNN has posted in the past week.
Has the Mars lander found ice?

Mission to Mars

Phoenix Mars lander tour

Welcome back to Mars

And now that we're all caught up on Miles O'Brien let us switch gears and congratulate Lou Dobbs on the birth of a granddaughter Wednesday. Here's Grampa sharing the big news. (thanks to BA for the clip).

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1 comment:

Sapphire said...

It has been great seeing Miles on the various CNN shows.

Congrats to grandpa Lou!!!!