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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Political Awards, Time 100....and MultiTasking and Currency

This past weekend the Washington Press Association had it's annual dinner at the White House. CNN's Ed Henry won the top journalism award for White House reporting under deadline pressure. Here is cute clip of Betty Nguyen and TJ Holmes talking about Ed's win on Sunday morning's News Room.

On Wednesday's Situation Room, Wolf Blitzer ended his program noting that CNN senior political correspondent Candy Crowley was not on the program. Candy was awarded the New Hampshire Primary award. To read about Candy's award, click here. Hopefully part of the win was a well deserved day off.

I always enjoy Time Magazine’s edition of the Time’s 100. This year both Christiane Amanpour and John King contributed pieces for Alexis Sinduhije and Jeff Han respectively. Both are interesting reads. If you click on the name you can read what Christiane and John wrote.

Yesterday on our sister blog All Things Anderson, we recieved a request for the report Erica Hill filed for Election Center. Everyone happens to be in luck because I was able to clip it. Enjoy Erica and Campbell Brown discussing what really happens behind some of the shots we see from the campaign trail on Election StageCraft.

And tonight I end with a clip from Wednesday's American Morning. I am sure we have all gotten extemely busy in life and multitasking and hopefully we have someone to snap us into reality like Kyra Phillips does with John Roberts. At the end of Ali Velshi's extreme report, Kyra gives us the head's up on the currency of the Solomon where can I get me some dolphin teeth???

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Anonymous said...

I like the new segment with Erica
on The Election Center. The show
is starting to grow on me.

Anonymous said...

I don't get what CNN is trying to do
with Campbell Brown's program.
Last night they lead with a story on
Arizona rethinking it's tough immigration
policies. That is exactly why I do not
watch CNN during Lou Dobbs. Enough
already. I say this as a CNN fan who
grew up watching CNN and it is still
my favorite news channel. Maybe a
Digg format on for viewers
to vote on stories they want to see
covered the most in prime time and
submit stories they think are important
and interesting to other viewers.
I know it sounds radical but they need to
really fix the 8pm hour. Geez I see more
international news on Current TV than
on CNN these days.

Anonymous said...

The problem with Brown's show is the talking
heads. Even BOR is smart enough to not have
the same people on talking about topics for
most of a program. The Republican and
Democratic pundits need to exit the stage.
Along with the radio show hosts. I don't
need to hear what these people have to say
on the issues Too much talk on no info.
TV news needs get with the program and
come into the 21st century. i am thinking
about starting a petition online to get
CNN to stop giving the talking heads
too much air time. Where have all of the
reporters gone?