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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mama For President

If you’re still wondering what the differences are between the two presumptive nominees for president, the CNN Special The Next President may help. The program aired this past Saturday and Sunday at 8PM EST and was anchored by Campbell Brown & John Roberts. The program takes a look at the policy differences between Sen. Obama & Sen. McCain. (Could they be any more different?)

The program included reports by:
  • Ali Velshi- economic plans
  • Sanjay Gupta- health care
  • Bill Schneider – age difference
  • Erica Hill- Who is John McCain?
  • Barbara Starr – national security
  • Anderson Cooper- Who is Barack Obama?

Mama for President: Good Lord, Why Not? Yes, there could be another name showing up on the general election ballot this year. Mama. This is a short clip from Saturday’s This Week in Politics to introduce you to the latest contender.

In the book, when she discusses a potential debate, she puts CNN on notice:

But I should warn you that I have been known to have a bit of temper. In spite of that, I will try to hold back before things get physical. The last thing this country needs is to see the potential leaders of the free world rolling around on the floor live on CNN. I won’t impose any ground rules for our debates except for a glass of bicarbonate on my desk and two or three emergency bathroom breaks if needed. When it comes to debating our nation’s most pressing issues, I have answer for questions no one’s even thought of. So tell Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, and all others to fire away!

(Credit: Excerpt from Mama for President: Good Lord, Why Not? By Vicki Lawrence)

The second episode of The Global Wire has been posted on the web. In this episode, CNN’s Frank Sesno talks to former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

You can watch the latest episode from The Global Wire website or on BlipTV. The transcript of the program is also available.

Happy Birthday to Miles O'Brien who will be celebrating his birthday on Monday, June 9th.

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