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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ratings At A Glance

Ratings for the week JUNE 16, 2008 - JUNE 20, 2008

Adults 25-54
Adults 25-54
Adults 25-54

This week, FOX is back on top during the 8PM and 9PM hours. CNN took the 10PM hour for the week.

Friday night, CNN had interesting ratings. They were second behind MSNBC during the 9PM hour, won the demo during the 10PM hour, and came in a close second behind FOX during the 11PM hour. But the percentage of viewers Adult 25 - 54 compared to total viewers was high.

  • 9PM hour: 48%
  • 10PM hour: 45%
  • 11PM hour: 52%

^ Courtesy Nielsen Media Research; Demographics where noted; Live + Same Day (LS) Fast Track Nationals.

The poll that I posted in my Sunday night post, What's Missing In The Morning? is still open. The question: Who’s the better co-anchor on American Morning?

Kiran Chetry

Kyra Phillips

The poll is completely anonymous and it will be open for votes through noon (ET) on Sunday, June 29th. I’ll post the final results in Sunday night’s post.

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ACAnderFan said...

Anyone know why Kyra Phillips is doing Newsroom from NYC???

Anonymous said...

CNN needs to really liven up the 8pm hour.
Campbell's program is too heavy on talk and
opinion. Please CNN do your viewers a favor
and put some news that people really care
about in the program. I am concerned that
if CNN continues with 3 hours of talk with
Dobbs, Brown and KIng they are going to
take a huge ratings dive. i know it is summer
but please don;t dig a hole for yourself.
Gosh even Lewis Black was saying to Larry
King get rid of the pundits. They are useless.
I had so much hope when Jon Stewart was
the first to say this. There are 24 hours,
1,440 minutes and 84,600 secs in a day.
Am I suppose to believe that for 1 hour
in prime time CNN can be pundit, partisan,
talking head free.And quit following Drudge,
Huffington and talk radio. Don't you have
journalists out covering stories everyday?

Anonymous said...

Have you guys noticed they seem to be revamping
American Morning. They have added some music
and camera shots. I think they even did a segment
on what was popular on
I can't help but fell some changes are coming
to CNN. Maybe Kyra can help out Campbell.
Just like with 360 having Erica on with Anderson
they need someone like TJ Holmes do to the
news briefts for Campbell.

Anonymous said...

Okay things are getting interesting. John Roberts
is anchoring Issue # 1 today and Gerri Willis is
back in Atlanta. Could a noon paring featuring
John and Kyra be coming to CNN for the noon
hour. Personally I hope they replace Lou Dobbs.