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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday stew

I have quite a variety of clips to share today, so let's start serving them up:

First is Dr. Sanjay Gupta's PiP report about monkey pox, which aired Tuesday on American Morning:

Also Tuesday, NewsRoom ran a clip in conjunction with the start of the same-sex weddings in California -- a brief look at gay rights in different countries around the world. Hugh Riminton reports from Hong Kong, David McKenzie from Nairobi, and Cal Perry from Beirut:

Thursday, Christiane Amanpour spoke with Kiran Chetry about North Korea's nuclear program:

Miles O'Brien was back on the American Morning set on Friday to talk about the discovery of life -- or at least ice -- on Mars:

Also on Friday, Ali Velshi spoke with Wilf Dinnick via broadband as the Saudis prepare to host an unprecedented meeting between countries that produce oil and those that consume it:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Where in the World...?

SATURDAY: Dan Simon was in Des Moines, Iowa, while Sean Callebs and Jim Acosta were in Cedar Rapids, Iowa to cover the flooding; Miles O'Brien was in Atlanta to cover the Discovery landing.

MONDAY: Sean Callebs and Allan Chernoff were in Iowa City, Iowa for flood coverage; Ted Rowlands was in San Francisco for the first gay marriages there; Candy Crowley was in The Situation Room; and Kiran Chetrey was back on American Morning.

TUESDAY: Ed Lavendera was in Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Sean Callebs was in Burlington, Iowa; and Allan Chernoff in Lone Tree, Iowa. Also, Kyra Phillips returned to co-anchoring NewsRoom (although from NYC) and Anderson Cooper returned to anchor AC360.

WEDNESDAY: On flood watch, Sean Callebs was in Des Moines, Iowa; Allan Chernoff was in Oakville, Iowa; and Drew Griffin was in St Louis, Missouri. John King reported from Hanoi, Vietnam as he covered Cindy McCain's trip to that country.

THURSDAY: Nic Robertson reported from Kabul, Afghanistan; Chris Lawrence reported on the rise in food prices in Honolulu, Hawaii; Suzanne Malveaux was in The Situation Room to discuss the Obama campaign; Wolf Blitzer hosted Election Center (as he also would Friday).

FRIDAY: Ed Lavendera was in Clarksville, Missouri as the flood water moved south; Wilf Dinnick reported from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia at the meeting of oil producing/consuming countries; Dana Bash (above) was with the McCain campaign in Ottawa, Ontario.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

That's it for me today... hope you enjoyed the varied flavors today! Peter Bergen is scheduled to be a guest on Late Edition tomorrow, so Monday, I will have that clip, as well as clips from Nic Robertson in Afghanistan and Michael Ware in Iraq. Sounds like a special Global War on Terrorism edition...

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MWmcFan said...

Thank you for the clips of worldwide events here on Earth and beyond! Love the science time with Miles about Mars. Looking forward to your Monday post and seeing Peter, Mick and Nic.

Sapphire said...

If McCain would have been in Toronto I would have love to me him......maybe Obama will come too. Meeting any presidential candidate would be very cool.

Hope Dana enjoyed my nation's capital :P

jodi54 said...

Interesting round-up. Can't wait for the Michael, Nic, Peter Edition!