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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Viewing History Globally

Before the final primaries were held on Tuesday night the matter of seating the Florida and Michigan delegates had to be settled. CNN contributor Donna Brazile is a member of the DNC's rules and bylaws committee and during Saturday's meeting, Donna had the chance to speak. The first was during the Florida debate.

Donna Brazile also spoke during the Michigan debate.

While the citizens in the United States were experiencing this historic night, nations around the world were waking up to the news. As a Canadian who has been watching these primaries with extreme interest I am also interested in what other countries have been thinking. CNN had correspondants in various nations share thoughts on the news of the first African American becoming the Democratic nominee. In this first video clip we see reaction from Hong Kong, Germany and Japan.

The second clip of reactions from around the world features France, Kenya and Isreal.

To give us a propective like no one else can Jeanne Moos gives us the Moos Unusual look at history in the making.

Tonight I end with a great clip from this morning's "American Morning". Kyra Phillips and Sanjay Gupta were discussing the uses of the Nintendo Wii as Ali Velshi and Sunny Hostin demonstrated the hoola hop game. If you caught our sister blog, All Things Anderson you know Anderson Cooper received a Wii for his birthday. Hopefully Mr. Cooper saw this segment and will give the Wii a try.

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