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Saturday, July 19, 2008


I promise I had no insider information when I decided to do an Afghanistan-centered post today... just had a lot of clips from (or about) there.

Nic Robertson, of course, recently returned from an embed with Marines there, and has been sharing their thoughts. Much of this is war as it has always been: hurry up and wait, dream about home, keep your weapons (and your feet!) clean, and never forget the friends you've watched die:

After a brutal assault last weekend in which an estimated 200 Taliban fighters attempted to overrun an outpost, killing 9 Marines, there was a new determination to get more forces into Afghanistan. Barbara Starr reported from the Pentagon:

On Wednesday's Election Center, Campbell Brown spoke with Nic (from London) as well as Time magazine's Bobby Ghosh. It's so sad to think about how different things could have been if we hadn't diverted resources to Iraq but had continued to pursue OBL after 9/11:

Thursday, Peter Bergen spoke with Don Lemon by phone from Kabul about how the Taliban has been reconstituted:

Also on Thursday, Anderson Cooper spoke with Candy Crowley in DC, Peter Bergen in Kabul, and Vanity Fair's Sebastian Junger in NY: 

(If you haven't checked out Sebastian's VF article and video from January, Into the Valley of Death, it is harrowing and eye-opening.)

Oh, and just because... we didn't get to see any of this back in the day, but Michael Ware -- writing for Time at the time -- dressed to blend in with the locals as he pursued stories back in 2002:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Where in the World...?

SATURDAY: Betty Nguyen was in Bangkok, Thailand, reporting on her secret trip inside Myanmar to visit the areas devastated by the cyclone two months ago; Ali Velshi was in Philadelphia for unknown reasons, but commented on the IndyMac Bank meltdown.

SUNDAY: Nic Robertson was in London, where he was discussing his recent trip to Sudan.

MONDAY: Randi Kaye subbed for Heidi Collins; Peter Bergen was in Kabul, Afghanistan.

WEDNESDAY: Christiane Amanpour was in Paris for unknown reasons, but did an interview by telephone about the negotiations with Iran; Dana Bash was in Cincinnati, Ohio at the NAACP convention with the McCain campaign; Cal Perry (above) reported from Beirut regarding the Israeli/Hezbollah prisoner swap; John Roberts co-hosted American Morning from Washington; Ali Velshi mentioned that he is heading to Croatia next week.

THURSDAY: John Roberts was back in NYC; Miles O'Brien was in the Atlanta newsroom.

FRIDAY: Dr. Sanjay Gupta was in Los Angeles with his Fit Nation tour; Dana Bash and John King were both (separately) in The Situation Room.

That's it for me today. Enjoy your weekend!

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Mavis said...

I'm glad to see getting so much air time.

That's a really wonderful picture of Micheal from the old TIME treasure chest.

Phebe said...

That's an amazing photo of Michael Ware, thank you for sharing it. Great post as always.