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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Better Than Sex?

Did my title today grab your attention? How about if I told you that I've got video of CNN weatherman Rob Marciano saying, "Oh baby come home with me, just for one night, just for one night"? Sit back and enjoy!

If fast cars and handsome weathermen don't translate to better than sex maybe a smart man talking food is more your cup of tea? Here's CNN's Jeffery Toobin, guest anchoring the Leonard Lopate Show, talking hamburgers.

The program was taped at the WNYC studio in New York City. Participates George Motz (red shirt) and Josh Ozersky poised with Jeff Toobin to commemorate the day.

So now that we've got you all hot and bothered about sex let's have a little fun. DC Fishbowl runs a poll every summer asking for readers to nominate hot, sexy news people, based in Washington. We're going to borrow the idea, and determine the hottest CNN on-air personalities. Submit your nominations by email (allthingscnn@gmail) or in comments and next week we'll share the results and the voting will begin.

To all of you readers who have been sending us requests for more TJ, Frerick or screengrabs of Kiran's legs, this is your time to go to bat for your fav. Send in those nominations and have fun with it!

The categories for All Things CNN's first annual 'CNN Hotties' contest are:

Hottest CNN Male Anchor *

Hottest CNN Female Anchor *

Hottest CNN Male Reporter

Hottest CNN Female Reporter

*For the purposes of this poll anchors are defined as those who have their own regularly scheduled programs. If you're not sure what category your favorite belongs in just send the name and we'll do the rest. Have a great week! ~Phebe

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ACAnderFan said...

Hottest Male Anchor: Anderson Cooper

Hottest Female Anchor: Robin Meade

Hottest Male Reporter: John King

Hottest Female Reporter: Christi Paul

Anonymous said...

Here are all the hotties of CNN. You can determine where they go. Here are my Top 10, plus one foreigner.

Anderson Cooper
Reynolds Wolf
T.J. Holmes
Sanjay Gupta
John King
Rick Sanchez
Rob Marciano
Ted Rowlands
Dan Simon
Jim Acosta
Alessio Vinci

I should also point out that there is something strangely sexy about Peter Bergen, but I'm not sure if officially works for CNN or not.

There are a few more handsome ones, but I'll leave it at that.

JRHot said...

Hottest CNN Male Anchor * - No question, hands down.............John Roberts

Hottest CNN Male Reporter - They are the weather guy's but.............Chad Myers and Rob Marciano

Kristien said...

male anchor: Anderson Cooper (duh, lol)

female anchor: Kristie Lu Stout

male reporter: Jason Carroll

female reporter: Randi Kaye

Anonymous said...

Hottest male anchor-Anderson Cooper
Hottest Female anchor-Kyra Phillips
Hottest male reporter- Drew Griffin
Hottest Female reporter-Randi Kaye

Judy Stage/Brooklyn MI

Phebe said...

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions in comments and by email. We will continue to take your nominations until Tuesday of next week. The voting will begin on Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Hottest Male Anchor: Anderson Cooper

Hottest Female Anchor: Erica Hill

Hottest Male Reporter: Sanjay Gupta

Hottest Female Reporter: Brianna Kieler

Anonymous said...

Anderson Cooper
Kiran Chetry
John King
Christi Paul

Anonymous said...

Hottest CNN Male Anchor * T J Holmes

Hottest CNN Female Anchor * Betty Nguyen

Hottest CNN Male Reporter Chris Lawrence

Hottest CNN Female Reporter Suzanne Malveaux

Lower_third said...

Hottest CNN Female Anchor: Fredricka Whitfiled

Hottest CNN Female Reporter: Stephanie Elam

SoleSister said...

it's still Soledad O'Brien - count her as anchor & reporter

Anonymous said...

@anon 8:41 AM Though I agree with you about AC, isn't Peter Bergen, I'm sorry, a little "dorky?" I realize his intellect, but his glasses alone are enough to think of him as a cartoon.

Sapphire said...

oh this is hard and fun. For warned I may name most at CNN LOL

Male Anchor
*Anderson Cooper
*John Roberts
*Don Lemon
*TJ Holmes

Female Anchor
*Kyra Phillips
*Betty Nguyen
*Kiran Chetry
*Robin Meade
*Erica Hill (sometimes anchor)

Male Reporter
*Reggie Aqui
*Sanjay Gupta
*Ali Velshi

Female Reporter
*Veronica De La Cruz
*Nicole Lapin
*Gerri Willis
*Suzanne Malveaux
*Soledad O'Brien

I will stop there :P Voting will be difficult