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Monday, August 18, 2008

Georgia on our Mind

When Russia invaded Georgia August 7th, it was more than a local flare-up. It seemed like cease-fire agreements were announced almost daily, even as the army dug in and local residents fled in fear.

Matthew Chance, based in Moscow, was the first CNN reporter in. And by Tuesday, the first cease-fire was being announced. Matthew appeared on The Situation Room from the Georgian capital of Tbilisi: 

Election Center later that day included a prepared piece of his trip into Gori (a city NOT inside the breakaway states) and conversations with local residents. When the elderly woman takes his hand and brings him to see what is left of her home and the remains of the bomb that destroyed it... It's an incredible moment.

One of Time magazine's best photographers, Yuri Kozyrev, was sent into Georgia as well, and his work is just incredible. On Thursday he spoke by telephone with Brianna Keiler on Newsroom. Some of the photos are very difficult to view, but they are an important documentation of the events:

Yuri's photographs can also be viewed on the site. I think the fourth one, of the Georgian soldier being treated by Russian medics, is so gripping... the look of fear and apprehension on his face is breathtaking.

By Thursday, Michael Ware and his team had arrived and was reporting for International from Gori:

On Friday, International had a special on the Georgia Crisis, and host Jim Clancy spoke with Michael, now in Tbilisi. Also included was Michael's piece from earlier in the day when he traveled to the port city of Poti and filmed Russian troops there:

Saturday, Michael traveled back to Gori. A cease-fire had been signed by then, but Russian troops destroyed a main railway bridge on a line that runs from through Tbilisi and out to Poti and the Black Sea. (Not for nothing, but those of you who voted for Michael as Hottest Male Reporter definitely want to watch this clip... I'm too much of a lady to say anything more in this forum!)

Sunday, Michael appeared on Fareed Zakaria GPS and spoke with guest-host Jill Dougherty. He summed up the entire invasion and Russia's intentions and successes:

Russia has agreed to an immediate withdrawal, and Michael spent today in Gori, waiting to see any signs that they are actually going. Not so much:

Whether the cease-fire and withdrawal holds up or not, CNN will be getting the real story out from the ground, from the front lines, from the Best Warzone Teams in Television!

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jodi54 said...

CNN has done a good job in this conflict - and you've done a good job with the chronology, Cyn.

Michael Ware does his typical outstanding job, which is a little unfortunate for the other reporters. No matter how good or brave they are, Ware always overshadows everyone else. He is simply the best.

jodi54 said...

Cyn - good job on the Georgia timeline and reporter chronology. CNN did well with this conflict. Need I say that having Michael Ware on the scene makes all the difference - even though the other intrepid reporters did a courageous job, as well.

Delie said...

Cyn, great recap! You have missed nothing! Thanks for the clip about Yuri Kozyrev. He is such an amazing photographer.